July 12, 2020

Neighbors of Hortaleza ask for security before the center for minors of foreigners

Nearly a hundred people have concentrated this Sunday around twelve in the morning in front of the center of unaccompanied foreign minors (menas) of Hortaleza to ask for "more security" in the neighborhood and that the Community of Madrid "give solutions."

In the rally, organized by the neighborhood group 'Hortaleza defends itself', the ultra-right-wing group Hogar Social has also participated, which has carried a banner with the writing 'Out criminals from our neighborhoods', which has also been the motto that has been chanted in this demonstration.

The neighbors have denounced with a megaphone situations of "violence" that have lived in the neighborhood, in addition to robberies and other problems of insecurity.

One of the participants, Antonio López, has told the media "the tiredness" of the neighbors for "the problems of insecurity" that, according to him, generates the center of minors in Hortaleza, so he has asked politicians and, specifically, to the Community of Madrid, that offer "solutions".

"It is not our problem that the center is oversaturated, I believe that the Community of Madrid has the means to distribute them (to minors) in other centers," said López, who has proposed that a demonstration be held every Sunday at 12 in front of this center with the same objective.

Another of the neighbors who has attended the rally, Virginio, has indicated that the problem is that the minors "are not taken care of" because the center is saturated, and has censored that they are not offered "training and education to leave with a job or a profession. "

"The problem is that of the Community of Madrid, which does not ignore and we are fed up," said Virginio, who has censored that there are no more centers to take care of children and blames the problems of insecurity because there is no " other things to offer them more than food and a place to sleep. "

In the vicinity of the center, but away from the concentration, other residents of the neighborhood have come, such as Lucas, who has denounced the demonstration is "criminalizing the poor and the weak", and has indicated that the solution, in his opinion, is that the Community of Madrid bet "for these people with resources."

"With racism and xenophobia nothing is going to be solved," said Lucas, who has said that "most kids" are "overcrowded in the center" and that is the first problem to solve.

For the concentration, which has lasted about an hour and a half without incident, an eight-officer police cordon has been formed in front of the door of the Hortaleza First Reception Residence, in addition to five police vans surrounding the perimeter of the center and a helicopter flying over the demonstration.

Half an hour before it began, the police have retained and registered thirty people in a bar near the center of minors and removed a banner with the slogan 'Racists out of our neighborhood'.

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