Neighbors of a neighborhood in Vigo stand before the Christmas attractions

Carla's daughter has not been able to study indoors for weeks. He is 17 years old and a few months away from taking the exams that will mark his university future. Your problem? The room where he works is right above the carnival rides that he Council of Vigo has placed in Rosalía de Castro street.

Colored lights, police sirens, Beethoven symphonies and even the voice of José Luis Perales singing a Christmas carol enter through the window, uninterruptedly, from five in the afternoon to ten at night. From eleven in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays. History repeats itself every day of every week and with more incidence, if possible, on Fridays and Saturdays. “It is torture. My daughter calls me crying with anxiety attacks because he is not able to concentrate at home ”, explains Carla, who uses this pseudonym to remain anonymous.

The case of this young woman who is forced to escape from her home in search of tranquility is not anecdotal. A group of residents of the neighborhood is organizing to oppose what they consider "an absolute absurdity" and, now, They study legal actions against the Council to try to avoid the same thing happening to them next year.

The lawyer who advises them and who also lives near the attractions considers that the local government is violating their fundamental rights: “We are not even guaranteed our safety. How are firefighters or ambulances supposed to get to our houses if half a dozen attractions are collapsing, day after day, the street? ”, Explains the lawyer. Firefighters, agents of the Local police and ambulance drivers ratify it, but in a low voice, without giving their name.

Another reason that has encouraged these residents of the center of Vigo to organize in front of the Administration is the public hygiene. From the Alameda to Rosalía de Castro there are dozens of craft, food and drink stalls, among others. Although municipal regulations strictly prohibit drinking on public roads, the scene on weekends is adorned by hundreds of plastic cups loaded with beer. "The problem is not that you drink in the street," explains another neighbor. "The really serious thing is that there are only four public toilets for all the Christmas facilities," he adds. The result is obvious: when the fairies lower the leads, what remains are “garbage, urine and even feces on the door of our garages. Not only are we trapped in our houses, but it is impossible to lead a normal life when we go outside ”.

The local opposition supports them

The opinion of the political space to the left of the PSdG has not moved one iota since the installation of all this infrastructure was approved: Christmas yes, but not like this. “Let's oppose head-on to the installation of fairground attractions that have little to do with Nadal in the heart of Vigo. What would happen if a party commission requested a similar license? They would deny it for sure, ”explains Rubén Pérez, Marea spokesman in the City Council.

The mayor's office is lavish, with foundation, when it comes to celebrating the undoubted success of Vigo Christmas. However, on the margins of the celebration there are groups of neighbors who, unlike the hospitality industry, are unable to find out what its benefits are.


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