Negrn attends 500 patients a year with fragility fracture – La Provincia

Negrn attends 500 patients a year with fragility fracture - La Provincia

The fragility fracture prevention unit of the University Hospital of Gran Canaria Doctor Negrín attended last year about 500 patients, reported Wednesday from the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands before detailing that a high percentage of people are women who have suffered mostly a wrist or hip injury and with a average age that exceeds 70 years.

The professionals of the fracture prevention unit, set up in 2012 and coordinated by Dr. Negrín's rheumatology service with the collaboration of primary care, rehabilitation, geriatrics, clinical analysis, traumatology and radiodiagnosis, recall that Fracture patients older than 50 have a high probability of suffering new injuriesespecially in the first years after a low intensity trauma, such as falls at home or on the street.

For this reason, they follow up on patients with the possibility of suffering a second fracture and work in the promotion of their education in healthy life habits such as diet and physical exercise, since these indications are essential to avoid future injuries.

On the other hand, the fragility fracture prevention unit will present in the next National Congress of Spanish Society of Rheumatology, to be held in May, a scientific poster under the title of Application of SER recommendations on osteoporosis in a fracture unit, whose objective is to analyze patients with indication of treatment.

Through this study they have analyzed 2,162 patients assisted in the Negrin unit with an average age of 73 years and of which 1,778 are women, they made the same requests by means of a press release before adding that the results of densitometry are available for 77% of the patients and, applying the recent management criteria, 88% (1,920) meets criteria to initiate a treatment.

The results of the study show the importance of the work carried out by the unit, given that Nine out of 10 patients studied are candidates for treatment to prevent new fractures, sentenced from the Ministry of Health.

In addition, last year the hospital received the recognition of good practices granted by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare for the program for the secondary prevention of osteoporotic fracture, which constitutes an important effort in the implementation of the objectives and recommendations of the strategy in rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases of the National Health System, and facilitates the process for its replication in other centers of the service public.

Hospital stays

Hospital Doctor Negrín is a reference center of Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) for the SSpanish Research Organization in Osteoporosis (Seiomm), within the FLS Mentoring Project, sponsored by Amgem.

The aim of the stays carried out by professionals is to deepen the management of the patient with fracture and to take note of the healthcare model implemented in the Hospital Doctor Negrín with one-day visits.

The doctors who participate in these stays follow a circuit established that consists of a general description of the program with ideas to adapt it to other healthcare settings, carried out by the rheumatology coordinators; assistance to outpatients in the nursing consultation; accompany the nurse to visit one or two patients admitted for hip fracture and attend the monographic consultation of metabolic diseases.

Since April 2017 have been made 16 stays of 19 doctors from different hospitals and specialties (rheumatology, rehabilitation, internal medicine, traumatology and endocrinology); and belong to the communities of Galicia, Madrid, Andalusia, Valencia, Extremadura, Basque Country, Canary Islands and Bodo (Norway).


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