Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Negotiations between ERC and PSOE for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez

The negotiation that drives Pedro Sanchez with Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, to unlock his investiture as president of the Government, he advances at a good pace and with a prospect of success. This has come to recognize the leader of the PSOE, this afternoon at the end of the summit of the NATO celebrated in London. Although, for now, discretion prevails. “The conversations with the different parliamentary forces they are going well. And they are going well because they are discrete. This is an essential principle to be able to come to fruition and have sufficient parliamentary support to be able to configure the government, ”said Sánchez.

He has not wanted to reveal the formula that is being designed to channel the “political conflict” between the governments of Spain and Catalonia, and that would be activated after its investiture. Nor if the agreement that the Socialists are negotiating with the Republicans would be staged when a signature is reached, for example in Barcelona. But what Sánchez did expressly want to guarantee is that this agreement it won't be secret, nor will it overflow limits of the Spanish Constitution. “We still have not reached any agreement, but I can guarantee two things. The first thing is that the agreement will always be within the framework of the democratic legality of the Constitution. And secondly, it will be public, ”said the leader of the PSOE. "We have always defended transparency, and when that agreement is achieved, the whole of Spanish society will be made public, as it cannot be otherwise," he said.

Sánchez has insisted, in any case, in justifying the negotiation with ERC that the Popular Party and Citizens they have "disregarded" the governance of Spain after the repetition of the general elections of November 10. "The negotiations with Esquerra Republicana are aimed at unlocking the formation of government in our country, since there have been other political forces such as the PP and Citizens who have absolutely disregarded that government can be formed," he said.

The president of the acting government wanted to dismantle, yes, the offensive fired by the Spanish right for his negotiations with the Catalan independence formation. “The framework of the conversations, as is obvious, is the Constitution and the Statute”, Highlighted Sánchez. “The PSOE has always been clear and meridian, we know what our position is: we we defend the constitution, and any agreement we can achieve will logically be in that umbrella, in the constitutional framework. ”

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