Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Nearly one million taxpayers submit the income statement in two days

Nearly one million taxpayers submit the income statement in two days

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Just 48 hours after the launch of the Income and Equity declaration campaign of 2018, the Tax Agency has added a new record, since almost one million taxpayers (910,000) presented their income tax return until 13.00, which translates into 23% more at the same time last year. Of the total of declarations, 81,500 were through the mobile applications. The ease of this system, which allows a single click to be officially presented if no significant changes are made to the draft, has triggered its use by 37%. In this way, New technologies are changing the national tax landscape.

The rent, in figures

This year, the Treasury expects to receive 20.35 million declarations in this campaign, 1.8% more, of which 14.3 million will be returned and 5.2 million will be paid; 16.53 million will be individual (+ 2.4%) and 3.81 million joint (-0.8%). Of that total, 14.31 million will be entitled to a refund, 2.4% less, for an amount of 10,468 million euros (+ 4.5%), while 5.16 million will come out with a result to enter, a 1 % less, amounting to 10,160 million (-2.1%), due to the exemption of paternity benefits and the deductions collected in the 2018 Budgets. Yesterday, 2.04 million taxpayers had navigated at some time through the web rental program, 17% more.

How to present your declaration

Since last April 1 you can already check with the Tax Agency, either online or at the following telephone numbers: 901 12 12 24; 901 22 33 44; 91 553 00 71 and 91 535 73 26. If you prefer to opt for electronic submission via Internet, this can be done with electronic ID, electronic certificate, Cl @ ve PIN or reference number. From May 9 you can request a prior appointment for face-to-face service in offices, which will begin on May 14. The deadline to request direct debits is June 26 and June 28 the deadline to request a prior appointment by any means ends, concluding the campaign on July 1.

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