Nearly one hundred people in Madrid ask for the freedom of detained CDRs

Around a hundred people have concentrated this morning at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid to request the release of the seven members of the Defense Committees of the Republic (CDR) in prison accused of terrorism.

Convened by several organizations such as the Madrid Anti-Representative Movement or Madrileñ @ s for the right to decide, attendees have carried a couple of banners against the "criminalization of the CDR" and in defense of the "freedom of political prisoners."

During the protest, they have chanted slogans such as "enough of police assembly", "you fascists are the terrorists", "Madrid is with the Catalan people" or "the voice of the people is not illegal" and on some occasion they have been unbelievable pedestrians who were in the Madrid square.

Yolanda, a concentration assistant and member of the Madrid Anti-Repressive Movement, has told Efe that, in addition to claiming the freedom of the detained CDRs, with the concentration they wanted to show that what happens in Catalonia "is not a problem isolated but responds to the repressive policy of the State. "

For his part, one of Madrileñ @ s spokespersons for the right to decide, Jaime Pastor, has opined that the detention of the CDR "is due to a police assembly" and an "attempt to criminalize independence."

Judge Manuel García Castellón on Thursday ordered the entry into provisional detention and without bail of the seven members of the CDRs arrested in Operation Judas, considering that they were a "hierarchical" organization that sought to establish the Catalan Republic by "any way, including the violent ones. "

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