April 10, 2021

Nearly 600 arrested for crimes against animal abuse

Nearly 600 arrested for crimes against animal abuse

The Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Civil Guard stopped or investigated 590 people last year for crimes related to animal abuse. In addition, throughout 2018 they also attended 16,625 complaints in this matter, 10,920 related to pets; 3,974 with dangerous animals and 1,731 with dangerous dog breeds.

More than 10% of the actions carried out in the field of Environment are linked to injuries or deaths of animals. Also, in the last three years, the Civil Guard has carried out more than 50,000 services related to any type of attacks on animals, corresponding or not with the technical concept of "animal abuse".

Among the operations carried out, it stands out "Abuse", carried out by agents of Malaga, under the direction and coordination of the Environmental Prosecutor's Office of the aforementioned city, for which 55 people were investigated and 233 domestic animals were intervened. This operation is framed in the campaign #yosipuedocontarlo against animal abuse and neglect, which aims to raise awareness among citizens to promote the necessary measures in the protection and welfare of companion animals and denounce the behaviors of which they were aware.

Likewise, the Seprona carried out more than 200 actions related to the inspection of private kennels, livestock farms and zoological centers, in which more than 630 administrative infractions were detected related to animal welfare, the lack of suitability of the accommodations, the lack of food and water, hygiene, lack of veterinary assistance or lack of documentary records.

Of the numerous actions include those carried out in facilities where the animals coexisted in poor hygienic-sanitary state, crammed with sharp elements, being in some cases with serious diseases without treatment by a veterinarian, external parasites or malnutrition, which meant a serious danger to life and physical integrity of animals.

In the same way the agents found in a farm 30 goats that had died of starvation and whose corpses coexisted with the rest of the cattle, whose state was deplorable and whose owner told the civil guards that he could not take care of the animals because he had economic problems to acquire food for them.

In many other cases, the rapid intervention of the agents and the help of some protectors have saved the lives of the animals that were about to die due to malnutrition.

Most of the animals are dogs although there have also been performances with horses, goats or exotic species, such as turtles, reptiles, etc., most of them being deposited at the disposal of the competent authorities in the power of associations and protectors of animals of the province of Malaga.

Throughout 2016, more than 11,728 infractions of animal abuse were recorded and during the year 11,277 were counted. In the criminal field, in 2016 the crimes of abuse reached 772 with a total of 488 people brought to justice, and in 2017 there were 866 crimes of mistreatment in which 488 people were detained or imputed.


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