July 30, 2021

Nearly 4,000 companies have «fled» from Catalonia since October 1 of last year

Nearly 4,000 companies have «fled» from Catalonia since October 1 of last year

Yesterday the independence movement celebrated as a party the first anniversary of the illegal referendum of 1-O, and they did it as a party, "as a victory against the State", as expressed by the president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Quim Torra. However, behind all this sovereignist paraphernalia is the harsh reality, especially the economic one, and that since October 1, 2017, a total of 3,854 companies have completed their exit from Catalonia according to the Study on Changes in Domicile published by Informa D & B SAU (S.M.E.), (subsidiary company of CESCE), leader in the supply of Commercial, Financial, Sectorial and Marketing Information. In terms of turnover, these companies add more 83,000 million euros, according to the available billing data of individual companies for the year 2016.

Regarding the fate of all these companies that have decided to leave Catalan territory, Madrid is the community most benefited by these transfers, since it is where 61% of the companies that have left during this period decide to settle, 2,344. The total of the companies that move to Madrid total sales of 65,000 million euros, 78% of the total of the companies that leave Catalonia.

The following autonomies that more Catalan companies receive are Valencia with 401, 10%, and Aragón with 279, 7%. In percentages, turnover would represent 16% and 2% respectively.

According to Nathalie Gianese, Director of Studies of Informa D & B, "the months that accumulated the highest number of departures were those of December and January, with 813 and 863 each. Since then the changes have been gradually decreasing and last September there were 83 departures ". The celebration of the autonomic elections, the formation of a new Government, the end of the application of Article 155 of the Constitution and certain "normalization" of the relations of the Government of the Generalitat with the Spanish Government seem to have been "reassuring" the companies, although the latest events that have taken place these days in the streets of Barcelona and other Catalan cities, with clashes with the Mossos, attempts to assault the Parliament or the Barcelona Stock Exchange, could reignite the alarms of many companies.

For all these reasons, Catalonia continues to maintain a negative balance between entries and departures from companies in the community, 57 less in September, and 3,422 fewer since October 1 last year. Madrid nevertheless maintains a positive balance, 70 more in September and 2,400 so far this year.


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