NC will be "vigilant" so that the Government of Sánchez fulfills the commitments of the Canarian agenda

Archive image of the deputy of NC, Esther González, in the regional Parliament. / c7

González claims the validity of the investiture agreement in parallel to the culmination of the regional budgets of 2023


The economic spokesperson for Nueva Canarias (NC) in Parliament, Esther González, said yesterday that her training will be
"vigilant and attentive" to verify the fulfillment of the commitments acquired by the PSOE with the
Canarian agenda and its reflection in state accounts.

The parliamentarian of NC claimed the validity of the agreement signed for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, in parallel to the culmination of the elaboration of the
canarian budgets for 2023 from the department headed by Román Rodríguez and its final approval in Parliament next December.

Among other commitments, he referred to the obligation to return to comply with the financial endowment of all the economic programs of the Economic and Fiscal Regime (REF) and to face the levels of poverty and social exclusion in the community.

The nationalist deputy stresses the importance of state income in the Canary accounts

In the plenary session that begins next Monday, Esther González will address the preparation of the fourth and last budgets of the progress pact in the X Legislature, which the Ministry of Finance, Budgets and European Affairs must send to the Chamber at the end of next October and the influence of state budgets in an appearance requested of Román Rodríguez.

The deputy from NC pointed out the importance of the
state revenue in the elaboration of the
budget laws of the Canary Islandssince they account for approximately 70% of the resources compared to 18% from those coming from the own tax system and the remaining 12% from European funds.

With this structure and after confirming, at the end of last July, the resources from the financing system, the NC economic spokesperson recalled the data advanced by the Minister of the Treasury on the 11% increase in Canary Islands accounts in 2023 with with respect to the current financial year.

€10.1 billionalmost 1,000 million euros more than the initial 2022, which
“will serve again to reinforce” public health, educational and social services, protect the most vulnerable families, boost the productive sectors and help create jobs, to "respond to the challenges" that Canarian society has had to face in the extraordinary situation generated by the pandemic and the Ukrainian war.

The deputy from NC stressed that, for the fourth consecutive time, the main government law will be designed in a context of significant uncertainty, on this occasion, due to the energy crisis, the unstoppable growth of inflation and the consequences derived from the policies adopted for its containment.

González noted, however, that forecasts indicate that
The Canary Islands will grow, even above the State averagedue to the good tourist forecasts for the winter season.

A "hopeful" scenario that leads him to affirm that the autonomous budgets will contribute to the Canary Islands advancing in line with the results of the Active Population Survey.

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