September 26, 2020

NC requires that flights to the Canary Islands be a public service with a price limit

NC requires that flights to the Canary Islands be a public service with a price limit

The head of list of New Canaries to the Congress by Las Palmas, Pedro Quevedo, will demand that a public service obligation (OSP) be declared on flights between the islands and the peninsula, so that they can fix maximum prices and be facilitated its use to non-residents.

Currently, residents of the Canary Islands have 75 percent of the costs of airline tickets to the peninsula, but several social organizations and the president of the National Commission of the Competition Market (CNMC), José, have subsidized it. María Marín, have denounced that the airlines are taking advantage of this help to raise their rates to the islands.

In a statement, Quevedo argues that the decision to raise the resident discount of 50 to 75% was a "historic" conquest for the Canary Islands, so "must be accompanied by other commitments by the State to prevent prices from skyrocketing and so that those Canaries that live abroad also benefit ".

Nueva Canarias demands that the Ministry of Public Works create a price tracking system that is "transparent and accessible to the public" and that the CNMC "supervises the prices in the connections between the archipelago and the rest of Spain".

"The aim is to guarantee free competition and prevent pacts between airlines that increase the amount of tickets, adopting appropriate sanctions if this happens," the nationalists point out.

They also request that the routes of the Canary Islands with the peninsula be recognized as an OSP, so that "maximum reference prices of mandatory compliance" can be established by the airlines.

"In the European Union, remember the candidate of NC, there are 176 routes declared OSP, of which 20 are in Spain: 13 of them in the Canary Islands, on inter-island routes.


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