NC expresses its "most absolute" rejection of Sánchez's turn on the Sahara

NC expresses its "most absolute" rejection of Sánchez's turn on the Sahara

Román Rodríguez is the president of Nueva Canarias. / Juan Carlos Alonso

The president, Román Rodríguez, maintains that this turn "contravenes international law, since Morocco does not have sovereignty over the territory"

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The president of Nueva Canarias (NC), Román Rodríguez, has expressed "the most absolute rejection" of the change decided by the state president and general secretary of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, by supporting and "giving a letter of nature"
after 46 years of conflict to Morocco's plans for autonomy for Western Sahara.

The president of NC has denounced in a statement that this change "contravenes international law, since
Morocco does not have sovereignty over the territorywhich has occupied Western Sahara by force since 1975 and violates the agreements of the United Nations Organization (UN)«.

Román Rodríguez has reiterated the solidarity of NC, of ​​all the Canarian institutions and the society of the Islands "with the just cause of the Saharawi people" and confirmed in "a peaceful solution to this painful conflict, which has lasted more than 46 years and which will only be possible with
holding a self-determination referendumguaranteeing respect for democracy and freedom«.

The leader of the progressive nationalists wanted to recall some of the
Numerous state and international judicial pronouncements in which it is ratified that the Sahara does not belong to Morocco, since the ruling of the International Court of Justice of 1975 and the 1991 plan accepted by the African country and sponsored by the United Nations, where the holding of the referendum in 1992 is established.

Also the sentences of the National High Court of 2014, of the
Court of Justice of the European Union (EU) in 2016, 2018 and 2021 against trade agreements signed between the EU and the Alawite kingdom that are inapplicable in Western Sahara and, among others, the repeated resolutions of the African Union in which it reaffirms the right to self-determination of the Saharawis.

Román Rodríguez stressed that a vast majority of countries do not recognize Morocco's sovereignty over this people and, with this change in the PSOE,
Pedro Sánchez «enters into a flagrant contradiction«. »On the one hand, it condemns the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin but, at the same time, it recognizes the occupation of the Saharawi territory and introduces a factor of instability in the energy crisis exacerbated by the war in Europe«, warned Rodríguez.

The also vice-president of the Government of the Canary Islands affirmed that
Algerian gas “is an alternative to Russianwhich is a leading actor country in North Africa and key in the conflict due to its support for the Saharawi people and with very deteriorated relations, non-existent at present, with the Alawite kingdom«.

In the ranks of Nueva Canarias, alarms have also been raised again in the face of the well-known annexationist claims of Morocco and the practice of the policy of faits accomplis. Rodríguez referred to the unilateral and illegal decision, which is beginning to be articulated with two laws published in the Official Alawite Gazette at the end of March 2020, to expand its
maritime border occupying the territorial waters of the Archipelago and the Sahara. Despite the fact that it lacks legal validity, Román Rodríguez maintained that it is "an attack on the interests of the Canary Islands."

Along the same line of concern, he spoke out when recalling the serious context that the area is going through, which has been in a state of war since, in November 2020, the Alawite army broke the ceasefire.

The national deputy of NC Pedro Quevedo will sign a request for the appearance of Pedro Sánchez in the Congress of Deputies. "We do not believe that the socialists are going to find many allies in this unfair and unilateral position, with which they side with the occupier in a conflict that has dragged on for almost half a century," ventured the president of NC.

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