NC and Podemos lower the tension but continue to ask for free buses

NC and Podemos lower the tension but continue to ask for free buses

Archive image of deputies from NC and Podemos. / C7

The formations of the pact seek to move away from the position of the Canarian Coalition, which claims a 100% bonus alleging a grievance

B. Hernandez

B. HERNANDEZ The Gran Canarian palms

They value the
50% discount on buses but they continue
sucking 100%. As the spokesman for the
Government after the last Council, the
Pact partners They have agreed to describe the State subsidy for land transport as positive, modifying their initial positions, but at the same time they try to save the furniture by pointing out that
the ultimate goal remains free.

In order to reduce the tension, both from
New Canary as from
Can reject to produce a
"comparative tort" with the citizens of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, an expression that they had used since the measure was known.

as pointed
the general coordinator of Podemos Canarias, Laura Fuentes, «
We are not going to campaign for the Canarian Coalition» that he has been very belligerent with this matter and that he does consider that there is a grievance with respect to other territories of the State, which will have commuter and medium-distance trains totally free.

REF is recognized

The deputy of Nueva Canarias Esther González indicates that "we take for
satisfiedI know with what
recognize what the REF collects and they have realized that the 75% discount on air and sea transport has nothing to do with this conjunctural aid, and that they have also learned that in the Canary Islands there is no urban and interurban transport ».

This formation values ​​that the bonus to the buses has passed
from the initial 30% to 50% "but we will continue to aspire to 100%". In any case, adds González, "that does not mean that there is a comparative grievance with the peninsular, because
those who have free transportation are only 10% ».

from we can,
the general coordinator in the Canary Islands, Laura Fuentespointed out that after
Pedro Sanchez announced the free trains, the position of his formation was to claim the same percentage for the buses on the islands.

The purple formation, he points out, has been
"more ambitious" and the "absolute harmony", paraphrasing Julio Pérez, occurs with the public when it comes to claiming a transport bonus "it's about time".

Nor does he want to. We can now speak of comparative grievance "or see how many millions more or fewer there are for the Canary Islands compared to the rest of the State", but yes
demands that the Socialist Party «does not stay as usual halfway and let's keep pushing so that we have a free public transport system on the islands».

As in the case of NC, it appreciates that it has gone from 30% to 50% "but we are not going to give up continuing to claim free public transport because
It is a measure of great social, economic and ecological value.”

new term

On the other hand, the State Government announced yesterday that a new period has been opened for local entities to join the state aid program to reduce the price of collective public transport for regular users by at least 30% until December 31. In the case of the islands, the commitments adopted with the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands are formalized at a legal level to raise discounts given the special characteristics implied by insularity.

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