July 9, 2020

NBA This is how Doncic celebrated his election as Player of the Month

With 33 points and 18 rebounds he was decisive in a Mavericks victory

Luka Doncic was chosen the Player of the Month in the Western Conference and the base celebrated him as he knows best. The Slovenian starred in another great game in the comfortable victory of the Mavericks against the Pelicans (97-118). The exmadridista only needed 28 minutes on the court to score 33 points (50 percent in field shots), capture 18 rebounds (his best mark in the League) and give "only" 5 assists. Doncic has become the youngest player in NBA history to be elected Player of the Month since this trophy was established.

His season is being unanimously praised in the United States. "Honestly, I thought that his second season was going to be tougher than the first because the double triples he achieved in the first year would cause people to be above him, but it seems that he has even improved," said Dirk Nowitzki, his predecessor as leader of the Mavs. The exmadridista is determined to fight for the MVP of the season and his numbers confirm his aspiration: 30.7 points, 10.3 rebounds and 9.4 assists.

The dawn brought a new scoring exhibition by James Harden that went up to 50 points in the defeat of the Rockets against the Spurs after two extensions. "The Beard" has scored 144 points in the last three games (48 on average), although his percentages in the shot against the Spurs were appalling. He signed a 4/20 in triples and a total of 11/38 in field shots.

The Los Angeles Lakers won again after the stumble in the Staples against the Mavericks. The Nuggets were imposed in Denver with 12 minutes by Juancho Hernangómez (4 points and 2 assists). LeBron and Anthony Davis scored 25 points each.

Results: Washington Wizards, 120-Orlando Magic, 127; Cleveland Cavaliers, 94-Detroit Pistons, 127; New Orleans Pelicans, 97-Dallas Mavericks, 118; Toronto Raptors, 110-Miami Heat, 121; San Antonio Spurs, 135-Houston Rockets, 133; Denver Nuggets, 96-Los Angeles Lakers, 105 and Los Angeles Clippers, 117-Portland Trail Blazers, 97.

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