June 16, 2021

NBA players decide to end the boycott and continue with the playoff – La Provincia

The NBA will resume the ‘playoffs’ after a historic day on Wednesday in which the three scheduled matches were suspended, after the boycott of Milwaukee Bucks in his game against the Orlando Magic in protest against racism and police brutality that again splashes the United States.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski for ESPN, the players have decided to resume the ‘playoffs’ in the ‘bubble’ of Orlando, where the NBA season is being played after the coronavirus crisis. In the absence of official confirmation and that transcends the meeting held this Thursday, the return of the matches could be on Friday or Saturday, with a calendar yet to be known.

In addition, another meeting is scheduled this Thursday between the owners of the NBA teams and the players, to discuss the actions they want to carry out towards demanding measures for racial justice. The uncertainty about the future of an already complex season seems to bring the return of basketball.

As was the goal of this unprecedented outcome in Orlando, players will continue to use the loudspeaker of the competition to demand political measures against police abuses. Miklwaukee’s decision not to jump into his game against the Magic brought solidarity from the rest of the teams with games on Wednesday.

Also, the WNBA, tennis in New York, lto MLB baseball, MLS soccer, sports in the United States stood against racism. In the NBA, the organization joined the decision of its teams. “The NBA and the Players Association have decided today – as a result of the events in the Milwaukee Bucks-Orlando Magic – to postpone the three games that were to be held: Houston Rockets-Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Lakers-Portland Trail Blazers. The fifth game of each series will be rescheduled, “the organization said in a statement.

For their part, the Bucks claimed his absence through these words: “It is a great challenge to have an appreciation and a desire to want a change. Wanting something different and better in Kenosha, Milwaukee and Wisconsin and then go out and play. “

This protest comes to ask for the “racial justice” that the team demands in the words of its coach. The protests began in the United States after the video in which he looks like a 29-year-old citizen circulated on social networks on Sunday. Jacob Blake, get seven shots at close range by a Police officer. The case comes at a time when the protests over the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Police on May 25.


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