Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

NBA Pau Gasol’s touching reaction to Kobe Bryant’s death

The Spanish pivot traveled from Barcelona to Los Angeles to be close to his former partner’s family

On the All Star weekend, Pau Gasol recalled his former partner Kobe Bryant in a conversation with the Los Angeles Times. The Spanish pivot, immersed in his rehabilitation process to try to reach the Tokyo Games, talks about the impact of the death of the Lakers legend and eight other people in a helicopter accident.

Pau says he was not able to talk to anyone after the fatal accident and that he learned the news with his wife, Catherine McDonell, when they returned home after witnessing a basketball game in Barcelona. “I started to cry, it was hard to find words, I couldn’t talk to anyone for days. The only person I spoke with was Rob Pelinka – president of Lakers basketball operations and Bryant’s exagent – “says Pau. The best player in the history of Spanish basketball told how he made the decision to move from Barcelona to Los Angels to be as close as possible to the Bryant family. “We are here for the girls, for you and because at the end of the day it is what we consider you: family,” Pau said of the words Vanessa Bryant said on her arrival at LA “He is my older brother,” says Gasol, who recognizes Kobe as a decisive person in his career. “He tried to inspire and motivate you when he needed you to be inspired and motivated, but he also tried to intimidate you when he wanted to do his best. of you, ”says the Spanish pivot.


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