July 8, 2020

NBA Pau Gasol's new work

He will serve as an assistant in the coaching staff of the Portland Trail Blazers

With the Blazers struggling to enter the playoff zone of the Western Conference, Pau Gasol will be part of the Oregon franchise coaching staff, as confirmed by their first coach Terry Stotts last night, after the loss to the Clippers. "When Pau returns to Portland, the plan is to be part of our coaching staff," he said. There is no fixed deadline for his return, but the intention of those responsible for the Blazers is that, unless there is a problem with the rehabilitation, Pau travels with the team and acts as an assistant technician.

The Blazers have a balance of 8 wins and 13 losses and are two games from the eighth place in the West that mark the Phoenix Suns of Ricky Rubio. “Pau is an exceptionally intelligent player. He is a guy who will enter the Hall of Fame and can be a mentor to all players. In the time he has been rehabilitating, he has been involved with the team, talking with the players, giving his advice. I think he can help from a point of view of being a mentor, "Stotts said.

Pau was cut by the Blazers on November 20 by failing to meet the deadlines in his recovery after surgery for a stress break in his left foot. In Portland they are convinced that their experience can be very useful to one of the teams most punished for injuries at this start of the season. "Pau is able to talk to many players about many different topics. He can talk to people like Hassan Whiteside or Damian Lillard about leadership issues or internal issues," says Stotts. Pau's ultimate goal is to fully recover from the injury and be able to attend the Olympic Games with Spain.


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