May 12, 2021

NBA fans raise Doncic to the podium of the stars | sports

NBA fans raise Doncic to the podium of the stars | sports

Luka Doncic continues to rise whole in the preferences of the fans of the NBA. The third count of amateur votes for the All Star to be played on February 17 in Charlotte places him as the third most voted player with 3.3 million. They only surpass it Lebron James, with 3.7 million and Giannis Antetokounmpo, with 3.6. Regarding the previous count has surpassed Kyrie Irving. The last count of the votes of the fans will be on January 21.

The constant exhibitions of Doncic, who has just become the first rookie since Stephen Curry that links five games scoring a minimum of 25 points, continues to captivate more and more fans.

There have been some surprises. James Harden, The top scorer, the man who has scored above 40 points in nine of his last 12 games, is not among the hypothetical starting five of the West. Neither Kevin Durant Y Russell Westbrook. Harden counts 2.3 million votes, Durant, 2.4 and Westbrook, 2. The quintet would be formed for now, and according to the suffrage of the fans, LeBron, Doncic, Stephen Curry (2.9), Derrick Rose (2.7) and Paul George (2.5).

The votes of the fans serve to establish 50% of the scrutiny, the votes of the players themselves will account for 25% and those of a panel of journalists who assiduously follow the NBA another 25%.

The starting team from the East would be formed by Antetokounmpo, Kyrie Irving (3,1), Kawhi Leonard (2,8), Joel Embiid (2,2) and Dwyane Wade (1,7). Kemba Walker (1,1), Ben Simmons (0,9) and Jayson Tatum (0,8) are on the awaited list. The reserves will be chosen by the votes of the 30 coaches of the NBA teams. The two most voted players will be the captains of the two formations and they will choose those who will form with them independently of the Conference to which they belong. Last season the captains they were LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

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