January 25, 2021

NBA: Doncic, a rookie with a star | sports

NBA: Doncic, a rookie with a star | sports

"I almost did not know how to pronounce my name and I already bounced the ball. Now my name is printed on an NBA jersey. " The future begins today for one of the greatest promises of European basketball in recent decades. "Every child dreams of playing here and now it's my turn to feel something special. I really want to. I hope that in the NBA they remember my name when I retire. " With the determination of the elect and the candidness of their 19 years, Luka Doncic he solemnizes his biography and ambitions in the last campaign of the NBA2K video game broadcast just before its premiere in the world basketball mecca. This morning, at the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Arizona, at 4.30 am, the Slovenian genius will officially debut with the Dallas Mavericks jersey in front of the Phoenix Suns of Igor Kokoskov, the coach with whom he won the Eurobasket in 2017. objective: "Take my team to the playoffs And be rookie of the year, "he announced before starting. "We have some time to be candidates for the ring, but I have it in my head, "he said before leaving. In his last pre-season reference: 18 points (with four triples), four rebounds, four assists and three steals in 31 minutes on the court against Charlotte Hornets.

With Dennis Smith as a buddy and DeAndre Jordan as a reference to waiting to recover the Nowitzki totem (in what will be his 21st season in Dallas), Doncic debuts his fast-paced film in Hollywood in front of DeAndre Ayton, number 1 of draft, that during months exerted of antagonist course to the night of the rookies in which Luka was third. "Each team chooses their weapons and that's why it was not the first choice. But many people in the NBA think that he is, without a doubt, the most prepared of all rookies, "explains Jaka Lakovic, Kokoskov's assistant at Eurobasket. "He has done a good preseason, but it is very important also the post season he did in Santa Barbara, where he worked hard physical preparation", details the former Slovenian international, now second coach of Joventut Badalona in the ACB League. "He had very focused two things: the growth in the physical aspect, to withstand the pace required by the competition, and improve his consistency and effectiveness in the long distance shot because there he will have many shots open. He has done very well and arrives very prepared ", develops Lakovic. "He has talent and has a genius mentality", he adds.

In full preparation of his adventure in the NBA, Doncic has had time to overcome with note the camp where he warns rookiesof all the dangers of stardom and to nourish their social networks, from which he dismissed with admiration Juan Carlos Navarro and Manu Ginóbili and in which he posted a video in which he trained with the anthem of the Tenth in the background that captivated to madridismo. "It's going to be great because he's very intelligent. Read very well the game and in the NBA, with the spaces that there are, it will make them all dizzy ", announces Sergio Llull with the same affection that Pablo Laso dispenses. "He is a boy with a star and I have the feeling that he will always do well. Since that day he debuted with 16 years and put a triple on the first ball that touched everything has gone very well. I have a lot of confidence in him, not only because of that star he has, but because he is a great player and has fallen into a franchise that is going to come very well to grow. For history, for the coach he has, for the confidence they have shown in him … ", says the Madrid coach.

Doncic is on the team with the most non-US players in the NBA: seven. "Rick Carlisle has Luka as a founding piece for Dallas," Lakovic continues. "The key is constancy. All the rookies they usually have a slump in January and the one that overcomes it faster and with fewer problems is the one that consolidates, "he concludes. The coach of the Texas franchise has been praising Doncic's "balanced and pure game" for weeks. "He has a gift for basketball and also learns fast," Carlisle explained at the beginning of a preseason that Luka finished with 18 points (with four triples), four rebounds, four assists and three steals in 31 minutes on the court against Charlotte. Hornets "I never saw anything like it in a player of his age. He's much better than me at 19. I think he's going to be very big for us for a long, long time, "said Nowitzki. "If he enjoys, he's going to make us all very well. The advice is to work but enjoy the experience. Start a wonderful adventure ", finishes his friend Willy Hernangómez. Doncic year I.

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