March 1, 2021

Navarra Suma sees the agreement between the State and the PNV on Minimum Vital Income as an “attack on regional self-government”

Esparza has spoken in this way in a statement after the PNV and the central government have agreed that the Basque Autonomous Community and Navarra assume the management of the Minimum Vital Income (IMV).

For the NA + spokesperson, “a party like the PNV, which aspires to the disappearance of the Comunidad Foral de Navarra as such, has no legitimacy to negotiate what only corresponds to the Navarrese institutions.” “The Navarrese citizens have decided in successive general elections that no member of the PNV represents Navarre in the Cortes Generales and, therefore, does not hold any mandate from the Navarrese,” he stressed.

Javier Esparza has pointed out that “any agreement of this nature affects legal institutions such as the economic agreement, the jurisdictional order of the autonomous community and other central aspects of the constitutional constitutional block that have not been taken into account by Pedro Sánchez and the PNV ” For this reason, he considered “dramatic that in a short time a government trample on so many rights that the people of Navarre have held throughout their history.”

In his opinion, “a President of the Government of Spain cornered by his management and willing to accept all kinds of blackmail in exchange for votes has turned out to be the best ally of a party like the PNV, disloyal to Navarra.”

On the other hand, Javier Esparza, has affirmed that “Chivite shows the dishonor of being the most submissive president that Navarre has had in the face of vexations against the autonomous community, its rights and its institutions”. “Chivite was first silent on the agreement between Sánchez and the PNV on traffic transfers in Navarra, then he was silent on the appeal of the socialist government for which he denies the validity of the new jurisdiction, he was again silent on the agreement between the government of Sánchez and the deputies of EH Bildu relative to Navarra and now consent again, “he reproached.

Finally, Esparza has opined that “it is a very serious mistake for the PSN, which will pay dearly if it abandons the defense of Navarra’s own democratic institutions to negotiate the scope of its self-government, its forality and its own personality integrated in Spain and Europe.”


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