October 20, 2020

Navarra registers a “spectacular” increase in infections in the last day, but trusts that the measures adopted “will be sufficient”

The epidemiological situation in Navarra is only getting worse, 24 hours after María Chivite announced the new restrictive measures that reduce the capacity at social gatherings and in the hotel industry to a minimum In order to stop the increase in infections registered in recent days, today the president herself has been in charge of announcing that this Sunday the 600 positive cases have been exceeded, a new historical maximum of the pandemic in Navarra, well above the 463 on Saturday, a record to date. In an interview on Cadena Ser, Chivite said that “this confirms that the measures we took yesterday are the correct ones.”

The high incidence of the second wave leads Navarra to propose a general tightening of restrictive measures

The high incidence of the second wave leads Navarra to propose a general tightening of restrictive measures

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“Again we have a spectacular increase,” lamented the head of the Regional Executive, who for the moment rules out a perimeter closure of Navarra, something that already pointed out on Sunday to questions from journalists in the press room, although she indicated that of a measure that “could be applied in a municipality.” Chivite trusts that the measures announced yesterday are sufficient to flatten the contagion curve, which has skyrocketed in recent days. “Most of the infections occur in the social sphere, so we do not find much sense to close municipalities,” he defended yesterday.

In this way, the commitment of the Government of Navarra continues to be the commitment “to restrict the maximum capacity”, which has been limited to 30% inside the hotel and restaurant premises and 50% on the terraces, at a 40% in commercial spaces and hypermarkets, where the permanence of customers in common areas has also been prohibited, except for transit between commercial establishments.

Regarding a possible request for the state of alarm, Chivite has discarded it due to the doubt of its usefulness “at this time. “For now I don’t know what the state of alarm that we have not done so far would cover. The judges have ratified each of the measures we have taken,” he explained. Likewise, he considers that the state of alarm should be applied in the event that it is necessary to confine the population, a measure that he confesses is the “last” one he wants to reach.

Chivite has revealed that on Thursday it was the Navarrese Executive who called the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies to speak with Fernando Simón’s team and propose the restrictive measures that were announced this Sunday. “They were betting on a specific intervention in some municipalities, and we were the ones who proposed that they go to the entire Community”, he pointed out.


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