Navarra censors songs by Amaral, El Canto del Loco and Shakira by machistas - La Provincia

Navarra censors songs by Amaral, El Canto del Loco and Shakira by machistas - La Provincia

The Department of Education of the Government of Navarre has stated that it is "flatly false" that the Regional Government "has censored a list of forbidden songs" in educational centers in application of the Skolae program.

As explained by the Department of Education, "the Skolae program uses lists of songs published by both the Canary Islands Government (2013) and the Valencia City Council (2013) or the work developed by the INJUVE (2003) to analyze sexism and gender violence in the music that adolescents listen to ".

This is what they have pointed out from government before the controversy raised around a file of the Skolae educational program, file that takes the title 'Do not sing to me violence'.

This file proposes an activity in the classrooms to analyze the lyrics and reflects that "gender violence is transmitted through instruments and tools of socialization, such as music and in this sense it is important to analyze sexism and macho violence that transmit some of the songs that are most heard ".

Next, the file shows a list of songs that, according to the program, "promote sexism". It's about 'Without you I'm nothing', from Amaral; 'Contigo', from The crazy's song, 'It's not worth it', from David Bustamante, 'I had so much to give you', Daconte babe; 'I wait for you sitting down', Shakira; 'A violinist on your roof', from Melendi; and 'I fall in love', of Juanes.

Also, songs that are considered to "promote gender violence" are included. They are 'Cuatro babys', by Maluma; 'Picky Picky', by Joe Montana; 'All', Malú; 'La mataré', by Loquillo and the troglodytes', 'It's what there is', by La Factoría,' In the bed ', by Daddy Yankee, and' Si porto mal ', by Dasoul.

On the other hand, songs that "denounce gender violence" are included. It's about 'A stranger in my bathtub', by Ana Belén; 'I will not change', from Malú; 'Ella', by Bebe; 'Bad', by Bebe; 'The end of the fairy tale', by Chojín; 'To leave running', of Amaral; and 'Esta noche', by Tremenda Jauría.

The program proposes that groups be created in the classroom to be given the lyrics of three songs to be analyzed.


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