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Nauzet, the extremes and Parras - The Province

Nauzet, the extremes and Parras - The Province

Nauzet Pérez, the first signing of the legionary era -was announced on June 7-, faces tomorrow his first league title before the Lugo in the Angel Carro. The 33-year-old islander counts 137 minutes. He made his debut in the Copa del Rey against Rayo de Majadahonda (90 ') and jumped onto the pitch in the 44th minute in the last game against Oviedo due to the injury of Raúl Fernández -behind a lumbar disease-. The Basque goalkeeper worked yesterday on the lawn of Gran Canaria, but he retired before the end of the session. Next to Nauzet Pérez, Álvaro Valles, substitute goalkeeper of Las Palmas Atlético. Josep, the holder and who has disputed the 1,350 'with the subsidiary of the preparer Juan Manuel Rodríguez, is sanctioned.

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With 18 matches in yellow, the last intervention by Nauzet Pérez in the league goes back to May 22, 2005 in Segunda B. It was in Gran Canaria and before CD Leganés. Thirteen years later, he defends the yellow bow again.

Wandering archer with passage through Champions, Nauzet debuted with the YOU in 2002 and packed in 2005. With 173 duels in the silver category (he has a promotion to First with Osasuna), he also has a lengthy tour of the Second B. Dispute his fourth game in the Angel Carro -the previous ones played with Sabadell and Osasuna- in search of the first victory.

Along with the novelty of Nauzet Pérez, Herrera recovers Blum, which was ruled out before Oviedo. Also figure Fidel Chaves. In the case of Huelva, remains unpublished with the Catalan strategist. If we expand the focus, in the last eleven days, it counts 83 minutes.

The last title of the Andalusian winger goes back to October 13 against Almería at the Mediterranean Games. He completed a meritorious performance and came ostracized. For his part, Blum played in front of the Pomegranate (Nov. 16).

Winter market

Diego Parras was yesterday the only discard for technical determination. Raúl Fernández, Momo, Peñalba, Sacko and Tomas Pekhart are not one hundred percent of their physical condition. In this way, the premiering league of the canterano is postponed. Sum up 90 minutes in the Copa del Rey.

The 23-year-old soccer player, one of the great sensations of the last preseason, has been called on three occasions in the league - two by Jiménez and one by Herrera. Without prominence, the option to leave on loan in January gains weight.


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