April 18, 2021

Nauzet Alvarado: "With Begoa Santana it is impossible to work" – La Provincia

Nauzet Alvarado: "With Begoa Santana it is impossible to work" - La Provincia

The one who was coach of Spar Gran Canaria until last Saturday, Nauzet Alvarado, has clarified that the reasons by those who submitted his resignation as coach of the yellow team is due to the discrepancies he has maintained with the club's technical director. "With Begoña Santana it is impossible to work", simple and clear.

Alvarado resigned after he had a disagreement with Santana during the training of the Saturday morning. Despite this, the club did not decide to communicate its decision until today's morning, even after the coach will be absent in the meeting of the 17th league match that Spar played against UCAM on Sunday morning (12.00 hours) and in which he was defeated 52-80.

In counterpoint, the coach also clarifies that the relationship with Domingo Díaz has been pleasant at all times. "It has helped me a lot, about him I have nothing bad to say, but with Begoña it is impossible to work, "he reiterated.

Asked if his resignation decision destabilized the team members during the game played on Sunday, he indicated that the players were very bad, "like gone", because he believes, "it's normal because they did not have a coach on the bench and had to put the delegate, who can not get up to lead the meeting and that situation you want or not is complicated to carry, "he said.

The balance of Spar Gran Canaria is 8 wins and 9 losses (ranked ninths) After losing against Murcia, a surprise to a team that had so far three victories and occupies the penultimate place in the standings. "The team was great until Saturday, we had managed to have a positive inertia, maybe I would have beaten UCAM and we would have won a fourth place, although we will never know", commented Alvarado about the hypothesis of match.

Total divorce

As for the future of the club, Alvarado ignores what may happen. "I do not know what's going to happen from now, but It's something that I do not care, I'm totally unlinked", he stressed on the path he believes the club will take to replace him.

The coach was also exhausted with the pace of competition. "I'm tired with basketball for club things. In the end it was four hours of training every day, alternating the small basket with the first team, a thing that I was delighted because I like basketball so much that I did not care to help out in lower categories, but the preparation sessions were four times in a week and you had few days off. "

Although he does not want to know anything about the club, his devotion to the training of the female players makes him express himself in positive terms for the CB Canarias, because it hopes that "it can be above and that it does not have to look at the descent posts", qualifying, "for the good of the basketball feminine of the Canary Islands ".

Club statement

For its part, CB Canary Islands, through the words of Domingo Díaz has explained the reasons for the removal of Alvarado:

"The main reason for the departure of Nauzet Alvarado as CB Canary Islands coach is that for work reasons he was only available to train the team in the afternoon, which caused some communication problems with some players, because messages that were transmitted to them in the training of the morning differed enough of those that received in the training in the afternoons, which provoked some that another disparity of criteria that took to him not to be to taste to the front of the equipment, deriving in his resignation as the first coach. "

"For our part we understand that it is preferable to have a coach with availability to be able to train the team both in the morning and in the afternoon and that he is comfortable in his work at the head of the team. at ease and preferred to leave it. "

"We can only be grateful for the great work he has been doing during the last years, especially in the quarry and wish him the best of luck in his next professional projects".


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