Nauzet Alvarado: "I would have preferred that my dream come otherwise" - La Provincia

Nauzet Alvarado: "I would have preferred that my dream come otherwise" - La Provincia

He has become the first coach of the team after the contract termination agreement by Maikel López with the Spar Gran Canaria. Was the news expected?

No way. It was quite a surprise the news that Maikel was leaving. I found out almost Monday through the media.

Do you see yourself with confidence to face the challenge that lies before you?

It's a challenge for me, so I have to move forward with the team. In the end I have the opportunity that everyone expects to be able to train a first team, although I would have preferred it to happen in another way, but I will fulfill my dream.

Maikel Lopez moved a proposal to accompany him in his new adventure on the benches outside of Spain-terminated his contract by mutual agreement with the club after having received an offer from Romania-?

No. Although everything has been very hasty. I learned on Monday what happened when Domingo (Díaz) told me that I had to travel with the team and the truth is that I was a little misplaced.

As for the start of the Spar league has been totally contrary to last season; in this, the beginning has meant four victories for three defeats. What do you think has changed from one season to another?

The defeats in some games have also been a surprise. For example, we did not expect to lose against Granada, although in the end the subject of travel and having to play on the same day always ends up affecting. Against Granada we did not have time to get to the hotel to rest, we landed and went directly to play. The girls looked pretty tired.

What is your reading from now on with you in front of the yellow team?

I know we have the team to do last year's - reached the promotion phase - and for more, we will surely achieve more victories.

Last season the good feelings of the beginning did not translate into the expected rise, do you think that this irregular start can benefit the team?

As long as we qualify for the promotion phase, I do not care how it is. Last year in the final leg we lost a series of games that influenced us in the phase ... We will have to go match by match.

Regarding last year's team Iris Mbulito or captain Estela Royo ... Are you missing them?

Estela was an excellent person, not only on the track but also outside her. You miss them, of course. Although this year is Diodio with us, who is being the leader of the team. She is a player with a great experience, who was in the World Cup played in Tenerife with her national team (Senegal) and now she is picking up the rhythm and fitting into what is the dynamic of the team.

Have you picked up the relief of these players then?

Mame Diodio is doing the functions that Estela Royo was doing last year, in effect.

They face on the eighth day of League 2 the Real Canoe Single Center, what do you expect from the match against the club from Madrid?

We have studied the team and we hope that they will give us a high pressure in the whole field. It has players who are quite stubborn, who put many hands in defense and display a very sticky game behind. They cover the spaces very well and, of course, when exercising that defense well they have a very good start to counterattack. They usually put many points in fast transitions, so we have to control their outputs.

Do you consider that Gracia Alonso and Macarena Roldán are the players to control the Canoe?

Yes. And also Lucía Rodríguez is one of her threats. Gracia Alonso we know her from last year when we met her in the promotion phase when she belonged to GDKO Ibaizabal; Macarena Roldán is very intense and we suffered a lot last season when we went to play against Canoe in Madrid; Lucia on her part is a great player who scores a lot from outside.

The signings Are they responding as expected by the club?

We have Fatou and Sokhna who are improving day by day, but still they are performing at a very high level.


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