Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Naturgy will temporarily send home 300 employees from its Nedgia subsidiary

Naturgy has raised a temporary suspension of the obligation to work for some 300 employees of Nedgia, its distribution subsidiary, on Monday, until the final proposal for remuneration for gas distribution networks proposed by the CNMC, the energy regulator, is known .

Union sources have assured Efe that this measure, which is still unknown how much time will be applied, implies that none of those affected will lose salary or Social Security contribution, and have clarified that Naturgy has not raised neither an ERTE nor an ERE in the company, something that sources of the energy company have confirmed.

In this way, Naturgy opts to avoid more drastic measures waiting to see what impact the CNMC's final circular has on its business.

And it is that the CNMC has raised in its projects of circulars for the remuneration of the activities of distribution and transport of electricity and gas cuts that go from an average of 7% to 21.8%, depending on each activity, a measure that It has put the war sector especially on war footing.

Energy sources have told Efe that "a negotiating table" has been opened with the unions to negotiate this temporary suspension of the obligation to work, a measure attributed to the "uncertainty created by the regulatory body", which could begin To be applied in October.

The measure affects about 300 people "exclusively" from Nedgia, the Naturgy gas distribution subsidiary, and many of the affected personnel are from the commercial area and to a lesser extent from the units related to the activity of attracting new supply points .

Naturgy sources have insisted that the company has been "committed to making this temporary measure" waiting to see what decisions are made once the final text of the CNMC is known.

In any case, Naturgy will continue to respond to customer requests and comply with the conditions set, and there will be no changes in the relationship with customers, suppliers or administration.

Also in July, Naturgy made it clear that the stoppage of investments in new networks did not affect the maintenance and security investments of the current ones.

On the other hand, the union sources consulted ensure that at the negotiating table a revision of objectives of the last four-month period in Nedgia will be proposed and an agreement for that period that is least harmful to employees, a part of whose salary is variable.

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