Naturgy reduces its workforce by 3,528 people in three years

Naturgy, the former Gas Natural Fenosa, has reduced its workforce by a total of 3,528 people since 2017, a decrease in personnel that is explained by business divestments made in several countries and by labor separations agreed with the workforce.

If at the end of 2017 the Spanish multinational had 15,375 employees, at the end of 2019 the total number of staff amounted to 11,847 people, as recorded in Naturgy's annual financial reports for these years.

The decrease in the workforce has been especially noticed in markets such as Spain, the main one for the multinational, where the workforce has gone from 7,350 employees in 2017 to 6,017 at the end of 2019, which means a decrease of 1,333 workers.

Naturgy sources have reminded Efe that this departure of personnel has been carried out in an agreed manner and they have added that in the case of foreigners the decrease in personnel is mainly explained by divestments such as those made in countries such as Italy, Colombia, South Africa, Moldova or Kenya.

In the last year, Naturgy's global workforce has been cut by 853 people, 6.7%, from 12,700 employees in 2018 to 11,847 with which it closed 2019.

Of those 11,847 Naturgy employees, a total of 6,017 correspond to Spain, which implies that the Spanish workforce has been reduced by 515 people compared to 2018, when it had 6,532 workers.

There has also been a decrease in Chile, the second country in number of personnel, which has gone from 3,046 employees in 2018 to 2,471 workers in 2019, a total of 575 less, in a year in which Naturgy sold to REN, the operator of the electrical system of Portugal, 100% of Transemel, a Chilean company dedicated to the electricity transport business.

As for Mexico, the staff has been reduced from the 989 employees of 2018 to the 874 registered at the end of 2019. On the other hand, in Argentina the workforce has grown by 408 people, to 1,175 employees, due to the participation in the pipeline Gas Andes Argentina.

In recent years Naturgy has implemented various efficiency plans that have facilitated agreed departures, outsourcing and other cost savings to make the company increasingly efficient.

However, it is a policy initiated a decade ago, which accelerated at the stage of Rafael Villaseca as CEO and has now intensified even more, in the two years that Francisco Reynés has led the Catalan multinational.

The origin of the current efficiency plan is in Naturgy's strategic plan until 2022, which Reynés presented to investors at the end of June 2018 in London, a plan in which Naturgy promised to raise the dividend by 59% until that year .

Naturgy then announced that he intended to achieve annual cost savings of 500 million in 2022.

However, the multinational has gone faster in its announced objectives and in the recent presentation of 2019 results it guaranteed that 500 million annually would be reached already this year, two years ahead of schedule.

In 2019 Naturgy achieved an annual cost savings of 270 million euros, so in cumulative terms it reached 380 million.

And is that last year the multinational signed agreements with Telefónica, IBM or Everis to optimize the operations and processes of the group.

Also, Naturgy sold last April the 45% that it still had from its current corporate headquarters in Barcelona, ​​the iconic Torre Marenostrum, to Colonial real estate, which already owned 55% of that complex.

This operation will lead the multinational to move throughout this year part of the staff of Barcelona to a building located at 525 Diagonal Avenue.


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