Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Natos and Waor: "If you censor yourself, they win" | Culture

Gonzalo (31 years, Buenos Aires) and Fernando (31 years, Móstoles), better known as Natos and Waor, have become the rap voice of "a lost generation". This duo of rappers based in Aluche (Madrid), has already published seven works since 2011, and accumulates more than 350 million reproductions on digital platforms. However, for many they remain unknown – some complete strangers who have already given concerts in Mexico, Argentina, the United States and England.

They are clear that their music will never sound on the radio, nor do they think it necessary because without “the classical media” they get people to keep looking for them and consuming them. "There is a generation that has empathized with what we sing and tell because in the end we are part of it, ”explains Waor, a lost generation that tells the things they see when they go out in the neighborhood.

More than 20,000 young people of that “lost generation” wait for them to take the stage in Riverland (Asturias), just moments after C. Tangana, who have been banned in Bilbao for their "macho songs". “We do not censor ourselves, but it is a bit scary as the current situation is: every month someone has problems with justice or they cancel concerts. Censorship is the worst thing you can do, because then they are winning, ”says Natos.

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