NATO commander for Afghanistan meets with the Taliban in Doha

A military delegation, led by the commander of the US Army and from the international coalition in Afghanistan, General Austin “Scott” Miller met with Taliban political representatives in Doha to discuss how to reduce violence in Afghanistan.

The meeting held on Friday between the parties, more than a month after the signing of a historic agreement with which the US He promised to remove his caps in 14 months, after several weeks of increased violence as a result of military operations, a violent spike after a week of reduced attacks achieved on the eve of the pact.

“General (Austin Scott) Miller met with the Taliban leaders last night as part of the military channel established in the agreement (Doha). The meeting was about the need to reduce violence (in Afghanistan),” the office spokesman told Efe. of the American forces in Kabul.

The meeting was also confirmed to Efe by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid.

“At the meeting, most of the talks focused on post-deal military violations by the Americans and their puppet forces (Afghan government) and their incursions and air strikes in areas where there has been no active war,” he said. .

Mujahid explained that the meeting with the NATO chief for Afghanistan was held because Miller “is a military commander and military problems belong mainly to him.”

“Miller was seriously told that they must stop these violations because they damage the agreement and they should be serious and not take irresponsible measures,” the Taliban spokesman said, referring to the military operations that are conducted primarily in support of the forces. Afghan.

Taliban armed attacks resumed in the country on March 2, after a week of reduced violence that led to the signing of the peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban in Doha.

This time, the Taliban attacks have focused mainly on the country’s rural areas and small remote checkpoints, rather than urban areas, large cities or large military bases of the Afghan security forces.


To respect the agreement that promises to pave the way for a lasting peace dialogue, and after a month of totally defensive stance, on March 19 Afghan forces switched to “active defense” mode, a movement that allowed Afghan forces to lead carry out operations in those areas from which the Taliban launch and plan their armed attacks.

Afghan forces today announced the deaths of 27 Taliban fighters in military operations in the north-eastern province of Badakhshan.

“The operation was carried out to prevent planned attacks by the Taliban,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement today.

Although the Afghan Defense Ministry made sure that no citizen was harmed in this operation, the Taliban claimed that there were civilian victims in this military operation.

To reduce violence, the Afghan government in the past month has repeatedly suggested a ceasefire with the Taliban, but the group continued its attacks and declared that they only agree to a ceasefire with foreign troops and not against Afghan forces.

“Until there is a separate agreement with the Afghan parties (Government) and a comprehensive ceasefire is agreed, the Islamic Emirate (as the Taliban call themselves) can carry out attacks against all military installations and bases of the administration of Kabul, “insurgents said a week ago.

The start of the intra-Afghan peace dialogue, in which they will discuss a ceasefire, has been blocked by constant differences in the process of exchanging prisoners, 5,000 Taliban prisoners and 1,000 prisoners of the Afghan forces, agreed in the Doha agreement.

“We can discuss the release of prisoners and their relevant problems with the American parties at a high-level meeting in the future,” Mujahid, whose group withdrew from the prisoner release talks with the Afghan government on Tuesday, said after blame Kabul and the United States for delaying the liberation process.


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