June 13, 2021

National Heritage unlocks the Museum of Royal Collections | Culture

National Heritage unlocks the Museum of Royal Collections | Culture

National Heritage unlocks the quagmire in which he had placed the Museum of Royal Collections in its last phase. The Temporary Union of Companies integrated by the Madrid company of Empty museography and Telefónica has won, as EL PAÍS has learned, in the tender for the museography of the center, which should open its doors in 2020. The investment in gambling was the largest never summoned in the construction of the historical story of a Spanish public museum: 21 million euros to dress the 9,000 square meters of exhibition (of the 40,000 total), spread over six floors. The building is designed by Emilio Tuñón and Luis Moreno Mansilla, who died in 2012.

The construction, which rises next to the Almudena Cathedral, has been completed, emptied and paralyzed since 2016 – after a cost of 160 million euros – pending the solution of a contest that was convened in November 2017 and has canceled up to four times, without the Presidency of National Heritage has given explanations. There is still no official communication of the ruling, but this newspaper has been able to know that the technical offer has been decisive. The economic one has been similar.

The offer of Empty counted on the participation of Tuñón and from the company they clarify that in the speech given by Patrimony there is not an iconic work that receives more attention than others. "The important thing is the whole." There are no Meninas or Guernica, but it will be a window to the rest of the Real Sites, even though most of the pieces come from them. Telefónica and Empty competed with Acciona for the succesful game.

700 works

The winning design has convinced National Heritage, which anticipated the selection and distribution of some 700 works arranged to tell the history of Spain through the monarchy in its two dynasties, the Austrias and the Bourbons. The visit will be articulated by reigns and "with very emblematic pieces that preserve National Heritage". In the total calculation, the House Austria will be represented by some 220 pieces, and the Bourbons will have an absolute majority: 520 works. Finishing off the tour, there will be a short selection of 14 pieces of contemporary art.

In the ground floor the visitor will be received, at least one will be placed the remains of the medieval kingdoms (VII-XV century), the Catholic Monarchs and the beginnings of the House of Austria, until Carlos II. The plant minus two will be dedicated to the Bourbons, until Juan Carlos I. The current King will not have space in the museum dedicated to the Spanish monarchy. The last room will be dedicated to temporary exhibitions.

One of the objectives of National Heritage is to "confirm its own profile as an essential museum in the cultural panorama of Madrid". This is detailed in the "argumentations", which adds that tourism is essential for space: "Attract a high percentage of the flow of visitors to the Royal Palace" and "get a ratio of visitor numbers according to the range of the museum and the profile of its cultural offer ". The institution estimates that the potential audience of the Museum of Royal Collections will be 1.5 million visits per year. That would be the figure to achieve "a balanced balance of cultural efficiency". One and a half million visits go through the Royal Palace per year; the Prado Museum receives three million.


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