Nathy Peluso talks about the controversy over the video clip of 'Ateo' in 'El Hormiguero': "It was satisfactory"

Nathy Peluso he went on Tuesday to his second visit to 'The Hormiguero'. The singer, who in recent months has been gaining more and more popularity, is presenting her new single, a version of the hit 'Living like this is dying of love' performed by Camilo Sesto in 1978.

"How have you gone so far for this idea, if you weren't even born?" Pablo Motos. "I've really gotten really close, because it's something super genuine. I always admired this song a lot for what it makes me feel the progression, the chords ... It's very melancholic, "she explained of her choice.

His idea with the version was to bring a theme from the past to the present: "I took it upon myself to do it with a lot of respect and admiration. In addition, it gives me great pleasure to sing it: It is one of the most sung songs in karaoke in the world"explained the artist of Argentine descent, who in recent months has collaborated with C. Tangana or even Christina Aguilera.

His theme with the Madrilenian, 'Atheist', provoked the outrage of a sector of the church for the dance that both artists did in the video clip in the cathedral of Toledo. "The truth is that it was satisfactory, because it meant that the song was being listened to ", she recognized without mincing words." In the end, what matters most to me is the music. We wanted the controversy to be more on the other hand, because of the gesture that grabs my hair. We chose the church because it was a beautiful place, we were in love with what surrounded us, "he explained.

The presenter surprised the guest by bringing to the set a coulant of dulce de leche, Argentina's favorite dessert. "They just brought it, it's freshly made," said Motos, while she did not hesitate to enjoy it in a big way: "This is the sex that can be shown on television at this time, "he joked.


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