NASA discovers a planet that could house aliens

“TOI 700 d” is the name of this planet located 100 light years from Earth, similar in size to ours and that could be habitable

The US space agency has announced the discovery of a planet similar to Earth, in terms of size, and at an intermediate distance from its star, which would allow the presence of liquid water. A fundamental element for life, at least as we understand it.

The planet has received the name "TOI 700 d" and is relatively close to Earth, about 100 light years. The discovery was made possible by the TESS satellite, launched by NASA with the aim of finding planets the size of the Earth and in orbit of nearby stars.

Actually, the planet was known in 2018, but the satellite misclassified the star, so it was considered larger and higher than it really is. More similar to the sun than to our planet. However, it was some students who discovered the error, including a high school youth, who analyzed the parameters again and found that the planet had characteristics that could lead to life.

“TOI 700” is a small and cold M dwarf star. It is 40% the size of the Sun, but it is 20% larger than the Earth and its orbit around the star takes 37 days. In addition, a face of the planet always faces its star, as with the Earth and the Moon, synchronous rotation. This means that one side of the star is bathed in light from its satellite, while the other is kept dark. Very similar to day-night on Earth.

It is probably the most external planet known in the system and the only habitable one. The scientists used 3D climate models to predict the type of surface and atmospheric composition of the planet. Thus, this model suggests that the planet may be covered by an ocean and a dense atmosphere of carbon dioxide. In addition, TOI 700 has a rocky surface.

Researchers expect more data on the planet to determine which model is closest to reality.

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