March 6, 2021

Narbona (PSOE) defends Sanchez "has not been disconnected a minute" of the investiture despite his travels

"We have not been quiet for a minute, there may be that perception that the president is traveling, and he does very well in traveling, the president defends Spain's interests in the G20 or in the European Commission, but he has not been disconnected for a minute, nor the party either, on how to approach the investiture or to approach other parties to be able to agree or to agree a Government from the left ", has remarked Cristina Narbona, in its intervention in the opening of the Summer School of the Socialist Party of Galicia, celebrated this Saturday in Santiago de Compostela.

A meeting organized under the title 'Governments for progress' in which the PSdeG general secretary, Gonzalo Caballero, the mayor of Vigo and president of the Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, Abel Caballero, as well as the socialist former presidents of the Xunta, Fernando González Laxe and Emilio Pérez Touriño, among others.

At the opening of the event, Cristina Narbona has recognized that at the present time lives in "the vigil of a very important crossroads", derived from the date set for the investiture session, to which Pedro Sánchez will be presented without having obtained, moment, the necessary supports.

In this context, he stressed that the "first thing" political forces must agree on is "what will a progressive government do in the next four years?"

Among the future challenges that arise at the political level has placed the need to "anticipate" the consequences in the labor market of new situations, such as climate change, digitalization or technological transformation, and has advocated "giving content to the collective bargaining and return to work for a decent job. "

In addition to the labor market, it has also placed the "consolidation" of the public pension system, welfare rights, health, education or dependency care as another of the socialist challenges, for which it needs to "advance in fiscal justice. "

"There will be no social justice, or equality if we are not able to advance in fiscal justice," he added, "and that means that companies and people with more capacity to contribute contribute more to the public treasury than the bulk of the taxation in the country" .

A problem that has extended to the whole of Europe, in which after a period of crisis "emerges with force" social democracy "to reduce precariousness, poverty" and return to the "path of secure and lasting progress", with examples such as the Portugal or Denmark.

And in conclusion, he pointed out that social democracy is the "only" force that "has at its heart the struggle for equality".

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