Naples backtracks and will not return to training tomorrow

Now announces that all activity is suspended pending the evolution of the emergency by COVID-19

Naples had announced by surprise that on Wednesday, March 25, it was returning to training. It is true that southern Italy is not being hit as badly by the coronavirus as the north, but the whole country is in alarm and the restrictions are increasing. Football is currently on hold until April 2, but the postponement is sure to go much further. Furthermore, UEFA has announced that the Europa League and Champions League finals are postponed, with no date yet, until the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. Finally the logic was imposed and the rival of Barcelona in the eighths of the Champions League (1-1 in the first leg), backed down. SSC Napoli announces that sports activities are suspended at a date to be designated. Training will resume according to health developments in relation to COVID-19, ″ they explain in a statement.


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