April 15, 2021

Nantes calls six million to Cardiff for Sala | sports

Nantes calls six million to Cardiff for Sala | sports

The Nantes claims about six million euros to Cardiff City for the transfer of the Argentine Emiliano Sala, disappeared in the English Channel since January 21 precisely when traveling to stop at the club of the Premier. This is what Mehmet Dalman, the Welsh club president, says in an interview published in the newspaper L'Équipe in which he explains having received an invoice with the seal of Nantes in his office. The French club urges him to unlock the first of the three payments of the transaction, which is around 17 million, and is considering taking the case to court, even before FIFA.

Emiliano Sala committed himself to Cardiff on January 19 for three and a half seasons. In addition, the Bordeaux could perceive half the price of the transfer between Nantes and Cardiff City, that is, eight million and a half, for being the club in which the Argentine forward was formed as a professional footballer between 2012 and 2015. The French club and the Welsh club had agreed to divide the payment of the transaction into three operations, two of six million and one of five.

"I do not think Cardiff City said they would not pay," says Mehmet Dalman, the president of the Premier club. "It's too early to comment, first we have to show respect to the families of the disappeared Then the whole process of recovering the plane is pending. "With these statements, the president of Cardiff City intends to make it clear that he will fulfill his financial obligations, but he also hints that he is waiting for clarification of the air tragedy and that the corresponding responsibilities are established The investigations of the British authorities, in charge of the investigation of the Sala case, continued their course this Thursday.

Recover the plane

The body found on Sunday Inside the wreckage of the sunken plane was recovered this Wednesday by an underwater exploration team thanks to the use of a robot. He was later transferred on a ship to the Forensic Institute of Portland, a town on the coast of England. According to the local press, the British police then ordered an autopsy to be carried out to allow the body of the deceased to be identified. The result of the forensic examination is not yet known. The body could be of the soccer player Emiliano Sala, of 28 years, or of the pilot of the aircraft, Englishman David Ibbotson, 59.

On the other hand, the British investigators informed that an attempt to repeach the sunken plane in the bottom of the English Channel had failed in the day of Wednesday and that another attempt was not foreseen in the near future. "The weather forecast is bad for the next few days and, therefore, the difficult decision was made to close the general operation," the Office of Investigation of the Aerial Events (AAIB in its acronym in English) said in a statement. However, video images captured by an underwater robot could provide "valuable evidence" for the investigation and allow clarification of the circumstances of the tragedy.

Meanwhile, the economic entanglement and doubts about the identity of the corpse recovered from the sea continues.

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