March 6, 2021

Nano ‘Gallito’ Santana loses in Bilbao with controversy – La Provincia

The Pavilion of La Casilla de Bilbao, one of the great temples of Basque and state boxing, did not react well when the judges, through the speaker, announced their verdict on the fight that faced the Grancanario Nano on Saturday night ‘Gallito Santana’ and the Colombian Fran Mendoza. And is that the division of opinions, with numerous pitos from the stands that sneaked into the television broadcast, put in check the resolution of the judges: a unanimous decision to give Mendoza, the fighter settled in Vitoria.

Because equality marked a strike crossed out as precious for the fans of the ring: of attack, intense, of precise blows and talent, of showy technique. Above all, on the part of Santana, who reached his tenth match in search of his eighth professional victory. However, the balance of the judges was in favor of the Colombian boxer with controversy. For example, two institutions in the field such as Gonzalo Rodríguez and Jorge Lera, commentators from Eurosport, a television network that followed the event live, placed Santana as the winner of the match while the judges finished their cabals. A sample of how close the matter was and that the decision could fall to either side. Comments on social networks were also sidelined by Santana, who led much of the contest clearly in his favor.

An almost lethal blow Nano Santana, directed by Carlos Formento, endured the tough entrance of Mendoza, who was always looking for the Grancanario. The islander was thin-legged in the first round, dodged the ambush and almost hit the canvas with Mendoza in the next act. That was when Santana took the Colombian at the right time. An extraordinary impact with the left where the fight is almost definitely decided for the grancanario. The blow was tremendous and the Colombian staggered like a building enduring an earthquake. However, he redirected his position, endured until the end of the assault and continued with his hammer. Equality marked the development of the whole fight, with hands entering better or worse, but giving. The best example of this was the final assault, open face in search of points that decanted a whiteness that was already expected to be adjusted. The cards favored Mendoza and Santana signed his third defeat (7-3), but with more honor than ever.


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