August 5, 2021

Nadia's father says that the girl is still "imminent risk of death"

Nadia's father says that the girl is still "imminent risk of death"

Fernando Blanco, accused along with his wife, Margarita Garau, of staying 1.1 million euros in donations to treat his daughter Nadia of a rare disease has assured today in the first session of the trial held at the Audiencia de Lleida that the girl There is still an "imminent risk of death".

Blanco also affirmed that before creating the foundation with which they allegedly committed the fraud, he himself had paid for various treatments and operations, to which Nadia would have been subjected in both national and international hospitals, to try to improve their quality of life and , as far as possible, lengthen it.

However, Blanco has insisted that Nadia still runs an "imminent risk of death" despite all the treatments to which she has allegedly been subjected.

Blanco explained in this sense that before founding the association, they could pay Nadia's treatment expenses, which she said ensured they reached 660,000 euros, because he "had money saved".

As to how he had achieved these savings, he said that he was professionally engaged in a wine store that ran in Fígols i Alinyà (Lleida) and that, in addition, gave motivational lectures for which came to charge "up to 8,000 euros."

Finally, they decided to create the Nadia Nerea Association for Trichothodystrophy and Rare Diseases of the Balearic Islands so that Nadia could be treated and operated by "other doctors", since in her opinion in public health they did not know how to approach the rare disease of the girl.

Since then, Blanco has acknowledged having carried out fundraising campaigns and interviews in the media to publicize his daughter's case.

The father of Nadia has said not to remember the total amount that came to be raised with the association, despite the fact that the prosecutor has quantified it in more than one million euros.

He then referred to one of the alleged treatments that Nadia received in Paris and explained that through a puncture in the neck of "the specialists extracted genes, mutated them and reintroduced them after a month."

Thanks to this practice, he remarked, it was possible to extend the life expectancy of the lower five years.

He also assured that they settled in a large house in Fígols i Alinyà (Lleida) because they were looking for a place where their daughter "would be happy" and could have a "dignified" life.

On the other hand, White has affirmed before the questions of the fiscal ministry that in 2012 a campaign was carried out to collect 50,000 euros and to be able to operate to Nadia in Houston (the USA).

The prosecutor asked Blanco if in January 2013, when the minor's intervention would have been carried out, he and his wife enjoyed a few days' vacation in a hotel in Mallorca.

Blanco, before said question, has limited himself to saying that he did not know how to answer about it, although he has said he had been in Houston without specifying date.

Similarly, White has failed to respond to the prosecution if the 50,000 euros raised for the Houston operation the marriage was bought a car valued at about 20,000 euros.

Blanco's defense had requested that he stay in a hotel under police custody during the days of the trial, but the judge and president of the Hearing of Lleida, Joan Segura, denied this request at the beginning of today's session.

Similarly, the defense of marriage has requested at the beginning of the trial the suspension of the preliminary proceedings, a fact that has been rejected by the judge.


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