August 1, 2021

'Nadia case': the girl was not going to die or needed expensive treatments | Society

'Nadia case': the girl was not going to die or needed expensive treatments | Society

Nadia Nerea is the absent protagonist of the case that bears her name. The youngest, who is now 14 years old, suffers from one of the so-called rare diseases, trichothodystrophy. According to the investigation, his parents exaggerated this ailment to raise hundreds of thousands of euros and live at the expense of donations. Fernando Blanco, the father, explained in television programs that the life of his daughter was in danger and that he needed to submit urgently to very expensive treatments. None of that is true, as corroborated this Wednesday at the Audiencia de Lleida forensics who examined the case.

The conclusions of the doctors are devastating and represent a new blow to the defense strategy of Blanco, who faces a six-year jail request and insists on keeping his version. The first diagnosis of trichothodystrophy was outlined within a month after the girl was born. Even then, the parents were informed that there was no treatment and that only the symptoms could be combated. Nadia suffered, from the start, "cutaneous and ophthalmological alterations," explained a forensic expert at the Legal Medicine Institute of Lleida. For this, he was prescribed "liquid petroleum jelly and oils and some type of ointment", said the expert who has reviewed the file.

Trichothodystrophy has other consequences, such as an "alteration of language in the context of borderline intelligence" and, over time, "hyperactivity disorder", which was detected in Navarra in 2010, one year after the parents they will activate a non-profit association to raise funds.

When questioned by the prosecutor, the coroner has ruled out that Nadia was going to die immediately: "Once the documentation is reviewed, there is no imminent vital risk for the girl." The expert has admitted that Nadia is more predisposed to suffer infections and that, as in all diseases of genetic type, "there is more mortality in the first years of life". In the child's medical record, however, hospital admissions are not recorded in all the years in which her parents toured the television sets, except attentions for "ambulatory issues" such as otitits, diarrhea or some pneumonia.

Blanco says he traveled with Nadia on several occasions to Houston (USA) to submit innovative genetic treatments in first class clinics. The reality of these trips was already questioned on Tuesday by the Mossos d'Esquadra, because the defendant did not even have a passport and because the names of the hospitals he facilitated do not exist.

The forensic experts have confirmed these doubts. "I do not have anything from the hospital in Houston," the doctor explained. After it has declared Jordi F., who was responsible for the hospital in La Seu d'Urgell, in the region to which the parents went to live in 2013. "We called some centers in Houston and found no evidence that these Gene therapies will work or exist. "

The accusation has put the finger in the wound with the nature of those supposed interventions. Blanco explained, in his statement, that doctors in Paris and Houston -among other places abroad- extracted genes from the nape of the minor, modified them and reintroduced them to "improve their quality of life." The coroner has ruled out that possibility. "Genetic therapy is experimental and theoretical, in the future it may be possible to alter a gene and introduce it into an embryo. But not in a person formed where all the expressed genetic code is already ".

Jordi F. has detailed that Nadia's pediatrician in La Seu d'Urgell asked Blanco for medical reports on ticotiodystrophy. The father refused to deliver them. "We were surprised because it is not usual. The normal thing is that the parents come and explain the symptoms. He asked for the information several times. "

The person responsible removed a piggy bank that had been installed in the center to raise funds in the absence of evidence. "Some people told me why I was doing that if the girl was very bad, but others told me that the family had a very high lifestyle."


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