October 21, 2020

Nadal’s new message to Kyrgios: “He does things that I don’t like at all”

Kyrgios may be Nadal’s rival in the next match. Between them there is a distant relationship, but much more on the side of Kyrgios: “I don’t know him personally to have a clear opinion. It is clear that when he does certain things I do not like anything, but when he is serious about tennis and shows passion for this sport, he is a positive player for the circuit, it allows the range of candidates for great successes to be opened and that is good ”, assured.

The Spaniard also spoke of his match with Carreño: S “I was fine here and I was able to hurt my drive so I consider that today I have taken an important step forward that allows me to gain confidence.” He says that the heat is good for him: “The truth is that the heat favors me because the ball flies faster and bounces more, that allows me to play more comfortable and that my style does more damage to the rivals”,


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