October 20, 2020

Nadal: “Winning with sacrifices gives more satisfaction”

With the thirteenth Roland Garros in your suitcase, Rafael Nadal He is about to leave Paris for his beloved Majorca, happy for the duty accomplished and for having been able conquer one of the Musketeers Cups that gives you the most satisfaction.

In a conversation with various media, at the foot of the plane’s stairs, Nadal assures that the reason is that, to achieve this, he has had to overcome more barriers.

What brings you more satisfaction, victory or overcoming the difficulties to achieve it?

Both things make you excited. Winning is the essence of sport. In high competition, what counts is victory. But you add much greater satisfaction to it when you know that you have had to make sacrifices and strive to achieve your goal. That is what gives you personal satisfaction.

You said that in the months of confinement you had a hard time physically, what happened to you?

After the confinement I have been bad, I have spent many weeks training a little, I have had little chance of training in the way that I would have liked, especially the first months after the confinement. The body suffered a little from all that stop. The bodies with many kilometers on top, like mine, a drastic stop like the one we had, makes the situations of return to normal work more complicated. In my case, unfortunately, the body responded badly for several months. Little by little things were straightening out, but they were complicated months.

Swiss Roger Federer

Since I won, I have only used the phone to attend to journalists, I have not had time for anything, I have not read any messages. After the final, between the press, radio, television, … then I went to dinner and got into bed. Since I got up I have not stopped, photos and interviews. When I can, I will try to see what they have written to me and reply to everyone.

What is the difference between Nadal today and in 2005, when he won his first Grand Slam at Roland Garros?

What has changed is old age, there are 15 years of difference which is the only negative of everything. The rest, the basic, important things in my life have not changed much. I still live in the same place, I have the same friends. My ‘modus vivendi’ outside of tournaments has changed relatively little.

Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

I am not about making such long term plans. I have things in hand, the foundation, the academy and other things that will surely appear. With the hope of living new experiences, learning and seeing what the future holds. For now I am still playing tennis.

How have you lived these tough months for everyone because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

With sadness. I am a sensitive person and when I see so much suffering, so many deaths and so many people having a hard time, I suffer. At one point I stopped watching the news because they created a state of sadness that was not healthy. I have lived it with concern, I continue to live it with concern, because things are going wrong again. I trust that this nightmare will be over as soon as possible and that people can live again in a more pleasant and happier time.


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