Nadal tame De Miñaur's impetus and reach the second round of Australia

Nadal tame De Miñaur's impetus and reach the second round of Australia

Until the third game of the second set did not win an easy service Álex de Miñaur, the Australian of Spanish origin, the pupil of Hewitt, Rafael Nadal. He already knew that if he wanted to defeat the current number two in the world he would be tortured. Despite his efforts, he began to know that, at the moment, he can not beat the southpaw from Manacor. The young "Aussie", 20 years old, is a fantastic player, but the weapons he has are insufficient to beat a tennis player who continues to grow at the Australian Open. Nadal started the year with a little discomfort in the left thigh and arrived in Melbourne without having played an official game since September. Duels like this third round help you catch pace, and it's already launched. There is little doubt that he is fit, physical and tennis, and the Czech Berdych will be the next to challenge him.

Quickly entered from Miñaur in the melee. Long exchanges, I play from the bottom to see who was able to resist more and overwhelm the opponent. It is not usually an effective plan against Spanish, but the Australian tennis player has strength and energy … Not enough. Neither a serve to hurt Rafa. Each service was a torture and although in the first, which lasted ten minutes, saved four balls of "break", no longer add up in the initial set. Nadal's new serve does work. He had doubts at the beginning of the match with three double faults, but later he was intoned. It's a little faster than the previous one, so allow Rafa to serve and massacre with the right. His "drive" is tuned, a sign that he is confident. And his setback, which he complained about, to put on but, in the second round, also worked in the eternal rallies with De Miñaur.

It was a very active game of the Eye of the Falcon, the VAR of tennis, although in this case it is the tennis players who can ask for it. Nadal did it in a ball that they sang outside and that supposed a "break" of De Miñaur to put 2-1. The ball was good, and Nadal shot off to 6-1 in that first set.

The script was similar in the second set. The first game lasted 15 minutes, and ended with a break from Nadal, who quickly left on the scoreboard. The match was the same: easier for Nadal to win his services, long points and superior Spanish, despite the impetus of his opponent, who did not stop fighting and getting his fist in his good times and who tried to be more aggressive with the right, especially the parallel. This time the score was 6-2.

The result of his previous duel was repeated, in the past Wimbledon: 6-1, 6-2 and 6-4, in a more relaxed third set of Rafa and in a perfect duel for the Spanish: rhythm, good serves, big rights, tweaking the backhand, some stroke in the race that raise the public and think of Berdych after overcoming three Australians in the first three rounds.

In other results of the day, Roberto Bautista again demonstrated his great form with a prestigious victory against the promising Russian Khachanov, tenth favorite of the tournament. He only needed three sets: 6-4, 7-5 and 6-4. It also advances Roger Federer, Fritz's executioner (6-2, 7-5 and 6-2), who will now be measured against another of the young people of the future who are already present: the Greek Tsitsipas.


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