Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

Nadal seals the classification of Spain to quarters

Spain is already in the quarterfinals of the Davis cup which is disputed in Madrid under new format organized by Kosmos. Rafael Nadal, the world number one, asserted its status to certify the Spanish classification by winning the second point (2-0) in the match against Croatia, the current champions come less. He had won the first game Roberto Bautista to Nikola
Mektic (6-1, 6-3).

On the fast track

Bautista only needed 57 minutes to beat Mektic and Nadal clung to his service to break Gojo in 1 hour and 25 minutes

In a Magic Box With an atmosphere of fanfare and a wide repertoire of charanga classics such as BSO in the background, Rafa Nadal had no problem getting rid of the unknown Borna Gojo, the number 280 of the ATP. By the fast track, he defeated the Croatian giant (1.96m, 90 kg) in one hour and 25 minutes by 6-4 and 6-3, and the physical beating was saved.

At first set, completed in 44 minutes, Nadal found remarkable resistance in the powerful serve of the Croatian. Gojo he maintained his service with gunshots that fired the speedometer of the central track until the 222 km / h. Thus he maintained equality until 4-4. It was not until the ninth game when Manacor turned the break to get 4-5 and finish the set in the next blank game, thanks to a consistent service.

He second set could not start better than with a break. Nadal got 0-2 and he embodied victory by holding on to his good service again. Although he had to lift 30-0 in the eighth game, with which the Croatian threatened the tie to 4 games. Rafa reacted and he finished the game by breaking the service to Gojo again to put the 6-3 final in 41 minutes

I achieved the first point of Spain against Croatia and I was able to take off the thorn of yesterday ”

In the first game, Roberto Bautista he took off the defeat of the debut (against the Russian Rublev) with an easy victory over Nikola Mektic resolved in 57 minutes. "Today I had a little touched after yesterday's game, although happy for the victory of Spain, but with a bad taste in my mouth for the occasions I lost," admitted the Castellon. "I achieved the first point of Spain against Croatia and I was able to take off the thorn of yesterday."

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