June 13, 2021

Nadal opens the door to his possible absence at the Tokyo Olympics

The Spanish Rafael Nadal assured this Tuesday that “in a normal world” he would never miss a few Olympic Games, but recognized that this context of pandemic create a uncertain situation That prevents you from making a final decision before the next two months.

“I don’t know yet, I can’t give a clear answer (about participating in the Tokyo Games) because I don’t know. In a normal world I would never think of missing the Games, of course, we all know how important they are to me. In these situations, I don’t know, we’ll see in a couple of months“Nadal assured at a press conference in Rome, where he will debut this Wednesday against Italian Jannik Sinner.

“I have to organize my calendar. In a normal year I always have my calendar clear from January 1, but this year is different. You have to be flexible, “he added.

The one from Manacor also considered that the most expert players are suffering particularly from the pandemic because they are “more aware of the problems”.

“The pandemic has made us experience things that we were not used to. When we talk about a pandemic we talk about young people, but I think they have the energy to adapt more. For us who lead a life living in conditions that have changed drastically and we are more aware of the problems, this concern is more accentuated, “he said.

Nadal is not surprised by step forward of the new generation of tennis players and he considered it a normal process of life.

“We (the most expert tennis players) we have a life playing with the public, Maybe we need that a little more, but it’s all theories and search for reasons. There is a young generation that is good. It is life, a wheel that does not stop for anyone, “he stressed.

“First, (he, the Serbian Novak Djokovic and the swiss Roger Federer) we are missing events. Second, there is a new generation that is very good. Third, we are 33, 34 and 39 years old. Usually nothing is forever, “he added.

However, Rafa, a nine-time champion in Rome, promised to give it his all every day as he has always done and expressed his enthusiasm for debut in Rome with a round “of the most complicated”. Jannik Sinner, world number 18 and great hope of Italian tennis, was his turn.

“In Madrid I played very well, then I had two bad games and everything was lost (against the German Alexander Zverev), but in Madrid I played in my best level in recent times. Here I had to adapt to new conditions, that takes time, but I’m ready. Tomorrow will be one of the most difficult starts possible, against Sinner, I hope to be prepared, “he said.


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