Nadal explains how the WhatsApp group with Federer and Djokovic really is

The Spanish Rafael Nadal, second on the ATP list, said Monday that no feeling of revenge helps win tennis matches and that’s why he always ran away from feeling something like that.

“I have never had a feeling of revenge, no feeling of revenge helps you win games, but the opposite. The revenge all it does is that you can not think clearly and when competing you have to have a cool head,” said the Manacor in a press conference prior to the Mexican Tennis Open.

Rafa referred to the issue because of the possibility that he could take the tournament based in the resort of Acapulco, after having been eliminated last year in the round of 16 by the Australian Nick Kyrgios.

“Last year I lost a tight match that I had to win, but it’s part of our sport; I don’t have a bad memory of that, it was a positive experience,” said the winner of 19 Grand Slam tournaments, who confessed that his only bad experience in Acapulco was the one of 2018 when he retired due to injury before starting the season.

When referring to his debut in Acapulco, this Tuesday against his compatriot Pablo Andújar, he recalled that he has played with him since they were 13 or 14 years old, they know each other a lot and it will be a difficult game.

“It is a first round against a teammate whom we have known since we are little, a good friend. A first game, which as usual are complicated against someone who knows me. I have not been competing for a while but I am looking forward to doing well” he indicated.

Referring to his two great rivals on the circuit, the Swiss Roger Federer, with 20 Grand Slams won, and the Serbian Novak Djokovic, with 17, Nadal said that if they have had a long and successful career, it has been because for years They have maintained passion and motivation.

“Over time we lose virtues and we have to add others, it has been the key to such a long success,” he said.

The famous WhatsApp group explained: “We are not just the three of us in a group. Yes we are in groups with more people, groups with all of us who are in the Players Council to be informed of all the news that is happening and that is transmitted there, some other group that we are all three … but not alone “.

And he says that to speak privately, messages are sent: “We are there as in any WhatsApp group. We do not have frequent communication, that is, daily, between us, but when there are things we need to know about each other, congratulations, worries … no longer in the group, but on a personal level, we usually have no problem writing to us privately. The group is more for professional work issues than for personal issues. ”


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