March 1, 2021

Nadal and Wimbledon, a relationship full of history

Nadal opens before Sugita in a new attempt to raise the golden cup of Wimbledon to London. From a very young age, and in multiple interviews, the tennis player from Manacor has declared that the London Grand Slam is his favorite tournament, the one he wanted to win as a child, and the one he has already won twice.

The story of Nadal and Wimbledon began in 2003, two years before Rafa won his first Roland Garros:

2003: Debut and third round:

Nadal debuts against the Croatian Ancic, wins in four sets, does not give up any part in the second round and is eliminated by the Taiwanese Srichaphan, head series, in the third round.

2005: Second participation as winner of Roland Garros

Nadal arrives as a specialist in consecrated land and as fourth seed. But he falls in the second round against Gilles Muller, specialist in grass.

2006: First final

Nadal arrives in London with the intention of winning the title. He goes up two sets in the second round and manages to steal one from the unbeatable Federer in a final in which he had no options and took a rosco in the first set.

2007: Very close to the title

Nagain second seed and new final. This time his path was more difficult, with two games to five sets. In the final he also forced the fifth and yielded to Federer who took two sets in the tie break and the last by 6-2.

2008: The best game in history

Nadal played his best games in that year he only gave one set before the final and there he played two sets up. He lost the two tie breaks, but he won in the fifth 9-7 to win his first tournament in a historic way.

2010: Second Title

After his knee kept him away from the 2009 edition, Nadal returned as Roland Garros champion. With Haase in the second round and Petzschner in third he went to five sets and in the final did not give Berdych option, 6-3, 7-5 and 6-4.

2011: Third lost final

For the first time Nadal was first seed. He reached the final without problems, but could not do anything against the best Djokovic who won him in four sets.

2012-2017: A time of disappointments

The worst moments of Nadal in Wimbledon came in these years. Eliminations in the second round, first, fourth, second before Rosol, Darcis, Kyrgios, Brown, respectively. After not coming for injury in 2016, in 2017 he fell back to Muller with an epic 15-13 in the fifth set.

2018: Resurgence and epic semifinals

Last year Nadal returned to offer his best tennis at Wimbledon. Defeated Del Potro in a match for history in the quarterfinals and in semis, in an anticipated final, fell to Djokovic after losing the fifth set 10-8.

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