Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

Nadal and Gasol try to raise 11 million euros – La Provincia

The stars of Spanish sports Rafael Nadal Y Pau Gasol have joined forces in the solidarity initiative ‘Red Cross Responds‘, with which to try to raise a total of 11 million euros among Spanish athletes as a way to return the support of society and help alleviate the consequences of the coronavirus.

“I have been at home for a few days thinking about how I can contribute my grain of sand and after giving it many turns I have come to the conclusion that you, all the Spanish people, have never failed us athletes, you have always been by our side in the happy and complicated moments. I think that athletes are what we are in large part thanks to your support and now is the time when athletes cannot fail, “he explained Nadal in a video broadcast on their social networks.

The tennis player called his ” friend Pau“who” was also thinking about how we could do something “to fight the pandemic.” Together we came to the conclusion that it is time to start this initiative, which we trust will be joined by all of Spanish sport and give a good example of unity, “he asked.

To do this, they have decided to head the ‘Red Cross Responds’ project. “The objective is clear: get 11 million euros to help 1,350,000 people. We trust that all Spanish sports will come together. Pau and I have already made our donation, we trust you because this will surely be our best victory, “added Nadal.

Similarly, Gasol also launched his request for support to other Spanish athletes through social networks. “This fight belongs to everyone. Spanish athletes We have always tried to make you feel proud and be a source of inspiration for you. Today we want to achieve it in a much more transcendent way, we want to achieve our best victory, “said the center.

For its part, the Red Cross advanced the main lines of the campaign. “With this plan Red Cross aims to reduce the effects of the pandemic COVID-19 by adapting its services and regular activities, adopting new measures and supporting the public administration, to ensure the continuity of responses to the population in general and, especially, to people in situations of vulnerability, “he explained. the organism.


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