Nadal admits to being "sad" but believes that "it is not necessary to dramatize"

Nadal lost to Djokovic in the semifinals in Paris after an epic match.

Nadal lost to Djokovic in the semifinals in Paris after an epic match.

The Spanish Rafa Nadal, defeated in the semifinals of Roland Garros by Serbian Novak DjokovicHe claimed to be "sad" but avoided "dramatizing". "I feel good, I am not a person to celebrate when you win or great drama when you lose. I am prepared to accept victory and defeat, although it is a very important tournament for me, I am aware that you cannot win 15 or more 16 times. I will return with the enthusiasm and the necessary work, "he said. "Today I have missed a bit, it has not been a disaster in the game, but I have played against one of the best in history and I have lacked an extra quality in my ball," he said.

Nadal assured that he did not face the best Djokovic, but considered that he was not the best of all the duels between the two. "Removing the start, the game has been very close. I wasn't able to make a difference, my ball didn't hurt. At the beginning he made mistakes, but then he was very fine, he played long. It is his merit, we must congratulate him"he said." I know I can play better at this court. I have physically given up everything I had and mentally as well. But in the end the conditions were slower at night. It is no excuse, the one who adapts best deserves to win and he has deserved it. But the ball was less alive, and that's a little bit more favorable for him, because my shots don't have that extra spin, "he said." I haven't been able to play as long as I needed to get him out of position. This is a sport that is won and lost. I have won many times and today it could not be, "he added." When I come here I am aware that you can win or lose. He came with the goal of winning. Target not met. I have fought to the end, I have had the option to achieve it, but it has not been enough. Having played well at times does not console me. It is time to not be very happy. From there to dramatize there is a stretch. It is an important defeat for me and we have to look forward, "he said.


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