October 19, 2020

Nacho Vidal: “I am not a shaman; I did everything to save Abad “

That day a friend of my cousin’s came to my house [José Luis] who spent a month and a half insisting that he wanted to take the toad’s medicine. My cousin told him that I could accompany him, because you can’t take it alone. You have to be with someone who understands and who can control, in case you are going to hit or fall to the ground, and who can revive you. It may happen that you forget to breathe and you have to throw water on you so that you can breathe again. He came, we were introduced and we talked. I asked him what he was looking for to take medicine. She told me that she had taken it before and it went very well and that she wanted to take it again.

Why did Abbot come to you?

Because I knew through my cousin and a video I made on the internet that I had taken medicine like him […]. He wanted me to accompany him.

Did you arrange the meeting?

No, my cousin. Came to my house [José Luis] in the friendliest way possible. There was nothing behind, a trade in nothing, a sale of nothing.

“There is a video recorded with José Luis’s mobile phone and I gave it to his family. I could erase it and I didn’t “

Nacho Vidal – Porn actor


They have said that you collected, has it harmed you?

What has hurt me is not only that. It is a harassment and demolition of the character of Nacho Vidal. What they are saying is not true. There is a video (recorded with José Luis’s phone) that they say is a test and I gave it to his family. I could have deleted it, but I didn’t. For various reasons: describe what I say in my statement. Point number two: the family deserves to see how their son died, what happened there […]. It is difficult for someone to understand this journey without having known medicine. It’s like a wow, let’s help him, how he’s going, but the reality is that this is the journey.

What ritual was practiced?

The moment my cousin starts recording, I have it in front of me [a José Luis]I look him in the eye and say: ‘I am not a shaman, I am not your teacher, I am simply going to accompany you with medicine. Do you trust me?’ He said, ‘Yes, I trust you.’ I hug him, I turn away, he puts the pipe in his mouth, I give him fire and he sucks. I tell him: ‘A little more, because you have to fill as much as possible to have the full experience’ [.]. When he can’t take it anymore, I pick up the pipe and take a drag. Why do I take a drag? Well, so that the person is accompanied.

What happened?

When I smoke, he collapses. I take it with Miguel, a friend, and we put it on the floor. He enters a stop and is left in catharsis. It does not breathe. I think about 15 seconds passed. I repeat, it is recorded. When I see that he is not breathing, I attend to him. It is a lie that I did not help him. I did everything in my power to save him. I threw myself to the ground, I got it back. I did 30-2 (word of mouth) the best I could. I threw water on him (to make him breathe) and got him back. He came back to life. Then he began to roll on the floor […]. That is why they say that I did not attend to him. No, sorry, she spent 22 minutes breathing and moving on the ground and that’s the trip. That is the experience. There comes a time when I see that she was moving a lot […]. How do I calm you down? With bells. I kneel down. He was on his back on the ground and was breathing very fast. With his head between his legs, I ring the bell. And he begins to relax. I think: he’s fine, he’s coming back from the trip.

“My cousin called the ambulance. I spent about 30 minutes doing word of mouth, saying: ‘You are not going to die “


When did you realize that it was not normal?

While I’m with the bell, I see if it breathes […]. Suddenly my back puffed [con esta ononomatopeya indica que se desinfló] and stayed still. So I told my cousin to stop recording and call an ambulance. I caught him, turned José Luis around and started making it 30-2, because it wasn’t normal. I had never experienced it. My cousin called the ambulance, which took about 45 minutes. Before the ambulance, I spent 30 minutes doing 30-2 alone, non-stop, saying: ‘You’re not going to die.’

Had he ever done that ritual before?

About six times.

Are you a shaman?

I am Nacho Vidal, I am not a shaman.

Did you know the consequences of taking the toad?

Never. Medicine, as far as I know, does not kill you, it kills other things, but it is under summary secrecy.

Are you affected?

The only thing that worries me is the kick that the family has taken and the one that I have taken. Has someone died in your hands? Have you ever felt someone die in your arms? How is your head after trying to do everything you can for that person? That every day you walk past where the kid died and that they make you feel like shit? Does it hurt so much to think that there are good people who help others without charging them? Well here is one sitting.


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