September 23, 2020

Nacho Vidal, against the applause for the toilets – La Provincia

Millions of Spaniards go out every evening at 7:00 p.m. (Canary Islands time) to their balconies to applaud the health personnel who put their lives at risk to save all those affected by the Covid-19 disease, caused by the coronavirus known as SARS-CoV -2, but to everyone’s surprise, it seems that there is a certain sector of the population that disagrees with such an act of gratitude.

Nacho Vidal, one of the most famous porn actors in Spain, showed yesterday in Sálvame his dismay at the situation: “I am surprised when I reason what is happening and I see that at eight o’clock everyone starts to applaud. I do not want to belittle Nobody, but I don’t understand why you come out to applaud for something that we all have a right to, because we pay it with our taxes. We are the ones who pay the police, firemen, doctors … “.

Given the perplexity of Jorge Javier Vázquez, the interpreter did not hesitate to continue justifying his thinking: “I don’t know who got the idea of ​​going out to applaud at eight (seven in the Canary Islands) to all these people that what they do is their work. When I finish doing my job, please applaud me too. ”

The presenter could not remain silent any longer and directly attacked Nacho, valuing the work of doctors, nurses, assistants, warders, cleaners, etc: “the work of these people has another component, they are playing the life and you don’t (…). We are applauding people who deserve it and that does not mean that there are more people who deserve it, but we cannot devalue the toilets. ” Social networks, unsurprisingly, TT the porn actor with thousands of critical comments to his words.


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