«Nabucco» seeks immigrants for his choir

«Nabucco» seeks immigrants for his choir

The Hamburg Opera has launched a pioneering initiative and, at least, surprising. For the assembly of the Verdiana opera, which will go on stage in March, He is recruiting immigrants, presumably with a good voice, so that they are part of the famous chorus of slaves that he performs, among other beautiful melodies, "Va Pensiero". It will be, we think, a multiracial formation, a Babel of good throats in a battle against the clock, because the deadline to sign up opens on Thursday and will have, logically is to think, to learn the score because the rehearsals begins on January 30. Twenty days to be used thoroughly.

The musical director is Paolo Carinagni and the stage director, the other great particularity of this surprising assembly, is a register in house arrest for more than a year by, according to the government of his country, Russia, an embezzlement of 1.7 million euros. Kirill Sebrennikov, who is his name, hides behind the fact that the accusations are due to his political ideas and not to any other reason. The point is that if the stage manager can not move from his country, how will he manage in Hamburg. The solution has come hand in hand with new technologies. He will do it through videos he has recorded giving precise instructions on how singers should act. From the direction of the theater they trust that it can be incorporated even in the final section of the rehearsals. Too optimistic, maybe, if Putin is involved.

Seven functions are scheduled until April 7.


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