‘Mythic Quest’, Apple’s best comedy

A promotional image for & # 039; Mythic Quest & # 039 ;.

A promotional image for ‘Mythic Quest’.

It has been a little over two years since Manzana launched into series production and, although its catalog does not enjoy the pull of rivals such as Netflix or HBO, in it we find small jewels. During the pandemic, the platform surprised with ‘Mythic Quest: Feast of Crows, ‘a delusional satire on the video game industry that will entertain so much gamers as well as the deniers of digital entertainment. It is not a humor only suitable for geeks. The series has just closed its second season with a closed ending, which casts doubt on whether or not it will continue, although it leaves honey on the lips about the new plot possibilities that open after the outcome. Between one installment and another they have left us two special episodes shot during the pandemic who had aspirations to grab awards, although ultimately the Emmy they have only noticed the role of narrator who does Anthony Hopkins in one of them to give him a nomination.

‘Mythic Quest’ is a choral comedy that takes place in a video game development company. The argument could be a mix between ‘The Office’, ‘Community ‘ and ‘Silicon Valley’. A group of people very different from each other forced to face the different crises that come their way to keep afloat that virtual environment with which they earn their living or climb positions in the management of the company. The clash between their different personalities generates a large part of the comic moments. The series bears the title of the video game that its protagonists develop, a medieval world in which we see elements from ‘Warcraft’ Y ‘Assassin’s Creed ‘ to the ‘Fortnite ‘ and the ‘Minecraft’. Is that medieval setting a tribute to ‘Game of Thrones‘? As soon as some users start digging in the scenarios to draw the shape of a gigantic penis, as a band of supremacists appears, sowing chaos among the players. But not all crises happen in the virtual world. You have to meet deadlines, fix bugs in the program, report to investors.

Developers sometimes seem to be more aware of the opinions of the influencers, who are represented as capricious little children capable of sinking months of work just by turning their thumbs down. The disappearance of that youtuber despotic that he had not yet reached puberty has been one of the great absences of the second season. Produces the series Ubisoft, a well-known video game company, which allows us to enjoy rendered scenes in its episodes that will sound like something they have played before to more than one person. It is still paradoxical that it is the one that finances a title whose moral seems to be that big corporations kill creativity. The situation is something like when a chain as conservative as was the Fox will be proud to have in its programming with the transgression of ‘The Simpsons‘.

At the forefront of everything is the character of Ian Grimm (Rob MacElehnney), who sees himself as a great divo, egocentric and delighted to know himself; while Poppy (Charlotte NicDao) is the engineer whose mind is the true architect of this virtual world. The clashes between the two is behind a good part of the arguments and the role of Poppy is a metaphor for how the machismo of the video game world has also always ignored the role of women. Among the most veteran of the cast we have F. Murray Abraham, that great actor who has managed to find a way to reinvent himself through television series. The Oscar winner plays here a novelist in charge of scripting the plots of the video game. His character is one of those who have shone the most in this second season, in which he has been given a background similar to that of Salieri, the character with whom he obtained the statuette for Amadeus. ‘Community’ fans will also recognize the actor Danny Pudi, who here is in charge of embodying the unscrupulous executive who is always thinking about how to get new benefits from gambling. How many times have gamers come across titles that are offered as free but that lead to checkout if they want to advance quickly in them?

Rob MacElehnney is not only the protagonist but also one of the creators of the series. A duplicity that also occurs in another of his biggest television hits, ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia ‘ (translated in Spain as ‘Hanging in Philadelphia’). It is the longest-running sitcom on North American television that, with 15 seasons broadcast, was renewed last year for another four years. A series that Spain fell into limbo years ago after the situation arose that it was not broadcast on any platform, but that will be solved by the hand of Disney. At any time we can release all deliveries at once from the hand of the section Star, dedicated to non-children’s content. In this other series we follow a group of friends who run a bar and who are far from being an example of behavior. All of them are ethically despicable and precisely the grace lies in seeing what animals they can become. Politically incorrect in all the subjects that it touches, even in the most taboo.

‘Mythyc Quest’ has emerged as Apple’s best comedy, although there are doubts as to whether its plots will continue. We have already said that the writers have left the plots well closed in this second season, but if we consider that they are the architects of the longest running comedy, the series could be far from throwing the curtain. While these doubts are resolved, the second season of ‘Ted Lasso’, although frankly it is a series that I cannot stand. I have made an effort that I like it. But nothing. So what Jason sudeikis He has managed to make me laugh in other performances. The stories of that inexperienced American football coach who is hired to take over a small British team have not piqued my interest, as much as some have hailed her as the wonder of the year. This month another new comedy comes to the platform, Schmigadoon, in which the classic North American musicals are parodied. The series takes the title of Brigadoon, that enchanted Scottish village that appeared one day every hundred years discovered by Gene Kelly with technicolor photography on film Vincent minnelli 1954. Will the level of the platform go up?


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